Symbolic dreams require an interpretation because they contain symbols and other nonliteral elements which are not plainly understood. A message dream is an oracle. Message dreams typically do not require interpretation, and they often involve direct instructions or warnings. If God speaks to us through a dream, he will always make his meaning clear, just as he did for people in the Bible.

The State of Our Union

The dream began with me watching a broadcast that was announcing the 2023 state of the Union address. I'm watching TV, I'm

The State of Our Union2022-08-28T22:37:15-04:00

Endgame Countdown

When the dream started, I was in the port of Los Angeles. I was standing in a shipping yard where large containers

Endgame Countdown2022-08-27T15:12:56-04:00

The Millstone

I dreamed that I was standing in an open field and looking west in broad daylight in the sun at high noon.

The Millstone2022-08-26T15:21:06-04:00

American Distraction

I dreamed that I was watching a large passenger plane with an American flag on the tail, it was not an

American Distraction2022-08-26T10:26:59-04:00

Fire Tower

Fire Tower As the dream began I was standing about 100 feet above the ground at the very top of a

Fire Tower2022-08-22T12:16:34-04:00

Rage Against the Machine

As the dream begins, I find myself in a large commercial building. In front of me is a very massive machine that

Rage Against the Machine2022-03-16T14:19:41-04:00

The Tree

I was sitting quietly gazing out the window when I entered into a vision. I saw a great and mighty oak tree

The Tree2022-03-07T10:52:21-05:00

A Perfect Storm

God gives us the strength, power of the authority to overcome. He trains our hands for war; he trains our fingers for

A Perfect Storm2022-03-01T10:41:49-05:00

Ides of March 2022

The dream began with me sitting in front of my desk. I have a clear view of a window. On the wall

Ides of March 20222022-02-22T16:18:15-05:00

Covid Authority Bureau

The dream begins with me in a doctor's office at the local clinic here in my hometown. I was sitting on an

Covid Authority Bureau2022-02-17T12:30:37-05:00
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