As the dream begins, I find myself in a large commercial building. In front of me is a very massive machine that is spinning in a circle. It looks like the finest heavy duty commercial equipment. The part that is spinning is shaped like a tire with spokes coming out from its center. It is spinning at an incredible rate. This wheel is attached to a smokestack that rises up above the building very high in the sky. It is releasing thick black smoke into the atmosphere above the building. The smoke was churning out over the entire United States. As it billowed out the clouds took on shapes almost as if they were alive and moving and breathing and pulsing. In different parts of the machine sparks of electricity and small flames would shoot out at various times. The noise from the machine sounded like a jet on the runway just before takeoff as the throttle is pushed to the max.

My focus shifts away from the machine to a man who is standing nearby. In his hands is a big axe. All at once he holds the axe in both hands and runs towards the machine and tries to strike the spinning circle at its base. As the axe makes contact, the man is immediately thrown back about 20 feet. The force of the contact rips the axe from his hands, and it lands far beyond him. Then from the other side of the wheel that was spinning a woman appeared and she ran towards the machine in the same way with the same kind of axe and she struck at the very heart of the spinning machines base, and she too was thrown back and the axe was thrown from her hands.

Both the man and the woman were left lying on the floor groaning, almost as if they’d been in a car wreck. They were trying to get up and seemed to be holding their arms and favoring their legs while inspecting their bodies for other injuries. They were in very bad shape as they lost the battle with the machine.

Just then I saw the Man I see so often in my dreams. He walked right up to the spinning machine and turned towards the man and the woman and said:

” You have to work together as I have told you before and
you need more people to attack what is producing the darkness”.

The scene then changed, and I was looking down on the United States and watching the smoke begin to churn even faster as tornado-like winds began pounding the entire nation. They were moving and churning. It was chaotic, it was awful, it was evil, it was ugly.

I then saw some small fires that were starting in the Midwest. Some were stronger than others and some were weaker and seemed to flicker and go out. I saw fires in the middle of the United States, and I saw fires on the west coast and east coast also, but the ones I saw in the Midwest began to burn very strong and broke through the clouds that covered the nation.

As they got brighter and the stronger those fires began to push through that dark thick layer of smoke, and it seemed to burn a hole through it. You could then see the flame was above the dark clouds. In different places around the nation the fire was burning through the smoke, reaching above it and dissipating that smoke and literally pushing it back. Above the smoke It looked like hands of fire that were red-hot with blue flames shooting out from the center. As this happened the base of these fires seemed to be growing and getting larger. As this happened the flames at times literally looked like hands that were pushing back the smoke and pushing and holding back those dark clouds.

These intense fires were breaking at different points across the nation like “Hot Spots”. It wasn’t the entire nation. Fires were mostly in the Midwest and larger areas on parts of both coasts and near larger cities.

The scene shifts and I find myself back in the warehouse that was now filled with people who were all holding axes and they were all intently staring at the machine. They began to encircle it and together began moving slowly and methodically toward it from all sides. It was an amazing scene as hundreds and hundreds of people with axes in their hands began to move together one step at a time with their focus and their faith completely on what they were walking towards which was the very center of the base of that spinning machine.

They stopped about five feet from it on all sides and they raised their axis and in unison they cried out one word and the word was “NOW!!”. It was a battle cry that echoed through that entire industrial complex and seemed to shake the foundation of the machine.

The Man that I always see in my dreams had been standing behind that group of people and he had also shouted the word at the same time, “Now”. It gave me a supreme sense as if I knew what it must have been like to be one of those people who were standing at the walls of Jericho as they began to fall.

Then the entire group, as one with axes raised, stormed the machine, oblivious to what had happened earlier. They attacked the spinning wheel with complete abandon. They each struck the foundation with their axes, and they didn’t pull the axes away. They left them buried deep in the foundation of the machine.

It was steel against steel as the sound of metal colliding with the spinning machine was almost deafening and then the machine stopped spinning. The power of the machine was still on and trying to spin but the people held their axes in place and you could see the strain and they each remained in place holding on to their axes and standing together against the power of the machine.

They held their ground, and a sickening sound began to pulse through the building where the machine was housed. The whole building began to pulsate. Everything was shaking, even in the dream it appeared as the floor was shaking because the power of the machine was being overloaded by the people.

They were holding their positions, bloodied and sweating and obviously strained but they all stayed in place. You could hear them shout victoriously an encourage each other to stand strong.

I heard them quote together Psalm 144 1. They were shouting
” Blessed be the Lord, my rock who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle”.

As they continued to resist as one and fight, the machine began to whine louder and began to shake and still the people held their positions and finally this large piece of the top of the spinning machine shattered and the machine stopped all movement and vibrations, and it began to smoke.

At that moment the factory began to shut down. All the doors were open to the outside of the building and the people walked out with their axes. They were being led by the Man that I always see in my dreams. As they got outside the Man pointed to the distance and He said:

” You won’t stop all the evil but together you can take down more of it. Focused prayer and unity is more important now in America than ever before. It’s up to you, so find the motivation and strike at the root together. Remember that evil will fight back but I am with you and in you and greater in you than you know”

He then pointed again at a city in the distance, you could see the lights and you could see darkness and He said:

” Strike together and aim for the root”