God gives us the strength, power of the authority to overcome. He trains our hands for war; he trains our fingers for battle. In other words, God gives us what we need to deal with and face the things that are coming, no matter how hard or difficult it may be.

Saturday night, it was about 9:30 pm, I took my dogs out and I could see storms coming on the horizon, but the wind had not yet picked up where I was. Just as I stepped off the porch and onto the grass with my dogs, the wind started howling. You could hear the whistling of the wind as it engulfed everything around me. As I looked off in the distance, I could see the trees and the branches about 200 yards away from me starting to sway back and forth. Even my dogs seemed to pause and look up in the air.

At that moment, I heard very clearly in my spirit there is a brutal wind coming from the north. Immediately I saw a replay of all that had taken place in Canada and the discernment I had received of the spiritual forces at work there.

As I relived those events in my mind’s eye, I knew what I was receiving was a word for the United States of America. It’s a word for the churches in America. It’s a word for the nation. It’s a word for Washington, DC. That all your evil plans and schemes will not transpire as you had thought.

I heard again in my spirit that there’s a brutal wind coming from the North. I saw again the things that had happened in Canada. I saw the truck drivers who had been arrested. I saw the protesters being arrested. I knew it had to do with things that would soon come here. That brutal wind is the spirit of tyranny that we saw in Canada that is now coming here.

I saw Canada as a dry run and almost a staging area. I saw elements of the United Nations that were already in place there. I saw security forces with no name badges. Their badges are covered up, their names are covered up. There are no identifying marks on them at all, which is very unusual. The things we saw happening with Trudeau, the Emergency Act, the silence of Parliament as Canada falls will come to us very swiftly as leaders on both sides will not have the courage to stand for the rights of their people. In Canada, bank accounts were frozen. Media outlets were banned and de-platformed and we already see that taking place in the United States.

Then I heard another word very clearly in my spirit that there is a deceptive wind coming from the east. We see all that is taking place in Ukraine but very few understand its history and the involvement of many of our top politicians as they led Ukraine down the primrose path while profiting financially to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars never actually planning to make that country part of NATO rather using it as a pawn with no thought for the people. The emergency meeting of the United Nations that is calling for wide ranging sanctions will destabilize financial, energy and commodity markets as much of the world as well as Europe is dependent on a relationship with Russia. This wind of deception will bring about a new cold war that will polarize Europe as put in motion a global energy crisis and supply chain crisis that will plunge the world into hyperinflation that will have many unforeseen consequences.

I then heard very clearly that there’s a treacherous wind coming from the south. This is an ominous warning for our nation. Our open border to the south has become a portal for evil. Drug trafficking and human trafficking have exploded as the world saw that we had no resolve to guard our southern border. We have filled up planes with tens of thousands that have arrived at our southern border and flown them to many cities around the nation with no meaningful background check or knowledge of who we have actually allowed into our country. Among them I believe are elements that intend to do great and unthinkable harm to our country. In previous dreams this has been made clear to me but now it is an imminent threat that will shake the nation to its core.

I saw a “Brutal Wind” coming from the North.
I saw a “Deceptive Wind” coming from the East.
I saw a “Treacherous Wind” coming from the South.
I saw a “Antichrist Wind” coming from the West.
I saw a “Perfect Storm”