When the dream started, I was in the port of Los Angeles. I was standing in a shipping yard where large containers were being lifted off the ships by huge cranes.

I saw eight large jet-black shipping containers that were set on the ground about 15 feet apart. They were pristinely clean. They each had large Chinese letters on their sides. These large oriental letters were that shade of black as well. They were about five feet tall by five feet wide. The letters had a brown background behind them to make them visible on the containers. The writing seemed to stand out almost like 3D on the containers.

(Black indicates clandestine plans that are being revealed. Things that are hidden from the light. “Suspicious Things” that are hidden in plain sight. The essence of color is the light as all colors can be found in the light. On the contrary, Satan’s nature is one that is full of darkness and evil; and the expression of his nature is presented in dreams as absence of color (absence of light). Eight speaks of “New Beginnings” so this is intended to be the beginning of a “dark new chapter”.)

These containers were set apart from everything else. It was light outside so they were clearly visible. As I looked off in the distance, I could see a large clock tower high above the shipping facility. The time on it was exactly set on 3 o’clock in the afternoon. At that exact moment all the eight doors of those shipping containers began to bang. The eight black shipping containers all began to just make this huge [noise] like someone was inside trying to get out. The force of the banging was causing the containers to shake. There were no people around the containers to witness what was taking place.

Timing in this dream is important. It’s late afternoon. It’s much later than you think.
The hidden agenda of the enemy is about to be revealed. God speaks through dreams.
Job 33:14-18 says,

“For God [does reveal His will; He] speaks not only once, but more than once, even though men do not regard it [including you, Job]. [One may hear God’s voice] in a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men while slumbering upon the bed, Then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction [terrifying them with warnings], That He may withdraw man from his purpose and cut off pride from him[disgusting him with his own disappointing self-sufficiency]. He holds him back from the pit [of destruction], and his life from perishing by the sword [of God’s destructive judgments]” (AMP).

According to Elihu, God speaks in a variety of ways, “Behold, God does all these things twice, yes, three times, with a man, to bring back his life from the pit [of destruction], that he may be enlightened with the light of the living” (JOB.33:29-30). The first way is through dreams, the second through chastisement with pain (vs.19), and the third is through an angel or an interpreter (of dreams and visions) (vs.23).

Suddenly, the door opened of the first container in the row. A man who appeared to be special forces rode out of that first container on a custom outfitted military motorcycle that could go anywhere on or off road. The man on this motorcycle is covered in military equipment. He put his kickstand down and stepped off his motorcycle and removed his helmet. As he revealed himself, I could see that it was an oriental man. He stood in front of the other containers and began yelling.

He began pointing in different directions and then looking back at the containers. His voice is like a drill sergeant yelling at the top of his lungs, I mean, violently. He’s pointing this way. He’s pointing that way. He is violently angry. His face was crimson red. Then suddenly, he just stops and looks down to check his watch. Immediately he puts his helmet on, gets back on the motorcycle and starts it. He just revs and revs and revs and revs that engine. It’s just whining as the throttle brings it to maximum rpms. He has not put it in gear. Then all at once the clock struck 4 o’clock and when it struck four o’clock there was this thunderous bell that rang. It shook the whole earth. Everything around me and under me began to shake.

Our spiritual enemy is angry right now as things are being revealed. Doors are opening and things are happening, and people are starting to pray. I do believe the church is waking up. The enemy is enraged at what we know, what we see, and that the eyes of our understanding have been opened to the realm of the spirit. The Lord through this dream is warning us, preparing us and teaching us to fight, resist and stand in the day of battle.

Then, out of each of the eight containers, those other containers came about 25 soldiers on the same kind of motorcycles. They had large saddlebags, and they had the same AK 47’s across their backs. I could also see RPGs, rocket propelled grenades, lots of ammo and other weapons inside those saddle bags. The saddle bags were oversized and hardly able to be tied down because of the things that were in them. These men were prepared to do maximum damage. When the lead soldier took off out of the port, the rest of his men followed. I could see when they got beyond the large fence that surrounded the Los Angeles port, that they split up and each headed in different directions.

The scene then changed, and I was seeing newspaper articles. I was seeing news reporters, and these serious-faced reporters were announcing deaths all over the country. In both rural and metropolitan areas. The reports were about water supplies and water systems being poisoned in various places around the country. I saw headlines suggesting entire communities had been poisoned in various places around the country. Water-supply attacks was the headline. Reporters were telling people to drink nothing but bottled water or water that was not connected to a local water supply. It was almost as if they’re saying, “If you got a well, you should be okay”. It was affecting both larger and smaller communities but not every community. So, this is not a nationwide thing, but it was impacting a lot of communities. It was impacting the west more than the other parts of the nation, according to the US reporters. They were announcing that there were National Guard units fully armed, who are now watching water supplies in some of the larger cities. It was reported that thousands of people had died and that hospitals were full of heavenly poisoned people getting medical treatment. FEMA Centers and camps were being set up in those regions where people had been the most heavily poisoned and the water supply damaged. There was an emergency broadcast announcement that was running along the bottom of the TV screens and monitors stating that the boiling of water was not, I repeat, the boiling of water was NOT an effective way of making any water safe. I then saw a clock tower above a municipal water supply and its hands pointed to 4:05 in the afternoon. Once again, still daylight but later in the afternoon.

The reporters were reporting what was happening in the natural. The poisoned water supplies were happening in the natural, but the equally important thing about the dreams I believe are the spiritual aspects. You know being careful what we drink. Being careful what we put into our body. Be careful what we listen to. Guarding our eye-gate and our ear-gate. Making sure that we that we test every spirit. Making sure we listen carefully for the word of God to be a part of what He’s doing. That we discern carefully those things that are going on. Those things that are going on in our world so that we don’t poison our soul and oppress our spirit.

Then I saw some people watching TV monitors in airports and at homes and they were covering their mouths. It was their reaction to what they were seeing, what was being broadcast on the TV was so terrifying that they were covering their mouths at what they saw. It was summer because I saw the grass was brown. It was browning from the heat. The horrific scenes were on the screens of every TV in America. There were people crying, embracing each and they were seemingly in shock.

The next thing I saw was four lines of light that seemed to be coming up from the border. All the way from Texas to California. And the lights coming up reminded me of old video I had seen during the Vietnam War of people coming up the Ho Chi Minh Trail with lanterns at night. It seemed that many people were coming from the border but in a very organized way, and they moved north, hundreds of miles all the way from California to Texas and I saw four specific lines. Four specific lines of light that were making their way north. They streamed north hundreds of miles from California to Texas with the lights bright enough to be seen from space. They all stopped moving at once and when they did, smaller light trails from within the US started moving towards the big light where the movement has stopped. So, you got all these movements coming up and they stop and then suddenly, smaller lights start attaching to them.

It was like watching moths drawn to a flame, the smaller ones and the source light kept getting bigger and bigger. You see, literally, those coming up from the south kept following them until they got to where the light stopped. So, you got this circle of light. You got other people coming in. It was like watching moths, as I said, and the source light kept getting bigger and bigger and then it flashed. All four places flashed all at once and then the smaller lights were attached to it. Everything went dark for a moment and then it pulsed. Almost like a like a slow light just going on and then it exploded. And light was spreading hundreds of over hundreds of miles from the source of that explosion. So wherever those four lights had gotten large and exploded, everything was pushed from that point out.

And then I saw a clock tower again. And it stood high above the ground, and it showed the time to be 4:10. I saw small embers of flames that were coming down around the clock but not catching the ground on fire. Although it looked like it should. It looked like fire coming down. But once again, these explosions, the lights were spreading out as they were going. So the circle was here but the flames are going, it seemed, hundreds of miles beyond them.

So, whatever happened, it was drawing other people into it, the light and explosion, it wanted to be, it was seen and the lights coming up and there was no hiding what was coming up that trail. These things were coming up clearly and once again, it is daylight. It is daylight when this is going on. The Hoshi Ming trail reference was to like when they were coming up at night but you could clearly see these lights coming from south, all the way from California to Texas up the border, from the border and up. These were definitely coming across the border and making their way up and when other people met them, this thing exploded. Now, there was shock and awe for a while. But there was also fear that was cast out by this. You know, and once again, the 4:10, we’re counting towards the next thing. Things are shifting, things are happening. And then there was sudden silence, and it permeated the atmosphere. And I saw the clock strike 4:15. And suddenly, there was this alarm going off. Almost like you would have a tornado siren, a long wail was taking place in the background. And this wail is going across the entire nation. This wasn’t just the focus on one area. So, it was almost as if no one was hearing the alarm. People didn’t seem to know that they heard the alarm. I could hear it in the dream but nobody else seemed to hear it. And so that silence was almost like not knowing what was coming next. Not knowing what’s coming next, but that alarm was saying “Hey! there’s something happening, something’s coming”. But you still had the people covering their mouths. You had the explosions from the trail of whatever it was coming up from the border. And you had that sudden silence and that sudden silence permeated everything and then suddenly, just in the background, that wail of that siren started and then the scene changed.

And I saw churches of all shapes and sizes nationwide and they were surrounded by mobs of people screaming. They had placards, they had signs, but this was more than just about the overturn of Roe V Wade. This was more about than just liberal agendas or drag queens talking to kids in libraries. These people were chanting hostile threats. They were going to burn the churches down. They’re going to kill the Christians. These were not idol threats. These were, “We are going to kill you”, “We’re going to burn your church”, “We’re going to do this”, “We’re going to do that”. Now, there were some staying some distance away from the church. But they were all about 150 feet away. There was a little bit of distance between the protesters and the people yelling and screaming. And inside those churches, I could hear people leading others in prayer. But I’m telling you what. No one was praying very much out loud. There was no power. There was no authority in their prayers. It was just simple things like “oh God you gotta help us. Oh God can you save us?”. People are looking out the windows and they were kind of telling back. “Hey there, the crowds getting bigger. The people, there’s more people out there”. And yet at the same time, nobody inside of that prayer time was stepping up the prayer, being aggressive with it.

The crowd kept surging. There was no power, no authority in the prayers, and then suddenly, I saw five different churches. It was like, it was like one in the Midwest, two in the Northeast, North Southeast, Northwest, Southwest. I saw one church in each of those areas. And I saw arrows were being fired into the crowd from the roof of those churches. Like, like bow and arrows. And each of these arrows scattered the hostile crowds from that far back from the church. They the pavement and they scattered, and the protesters began to flee.

As I watch those people scrambling, I noticed there was an archer on each of those five churches and it appeared to be the very same man firing those arrows. Same man, all five locations doing the same thing. And they were firing those arrows at precisely the very same moment. The minute that arrow left those fingertips it left the fingertip of the same man in all five locations at the very same time.

And then I realized, in the dream, that the alarm had been going off the whole time. But the people in the church have been so concerned about the crowd. They weren’t hearing the alarm. The alarms have been going off from that clock this entire time and it finally stopped as the man started walking towards me. And it was the man that I see in my dreams, with the arrows. He had a quiver full of sheer white arrows. Shear white? They almost, it was almost like glow-in-the-dark, even though it’s the middle of the afternoon. And each of these arrows had an extremely sharp point. This was more than just something to kill a deer with. These things were innate, they were, they were just really, really cool and ornate. The only thing I can even compare them to is if elves were real, like from the Lord of the Rings, what those Elvin Archers would have pulled out of their quivers. He then pulled over his back this very large, long bow. Matter of fact, when he put it down in front of him, the bottom touched the ground, and the top was about head high. It was as big as he was. This was a huge, huge, long bow. So, the alarm stopped. Now look, the alarm stopped when God shows up.

That man then stood silent for a few moments. He surveyed the area, but then he turned, he just looked and was watching around the church area and he said,

“There must be precision in your prayers from this point forward.
Absolute precision to counter the noise and the violence that will be aimed at the body.”

And then he says this:

“The church must remember, its not by might, not by power,
but by my spirit that will help you walk straight through the battle”.

And then He said this:

“There must be precision and power in your prayers. There must be”. He said that. “There must be precision and power in your prayers. There must be. The war has arrived and those awake are on the front lines now and you will never be able to get away from that line”. Let me say that again. He said: “The war has arrived and those awake are on the front line and you will never be able to get away from that line”.

And then he says this:

“Absolute precision is required in your prayers”.

And after saying this, He quickly put an arrow into the bow and he shot straight up in the air. He took a defensive position, shot that thing straight up in the air, and just kept looking. He wasn’t looking around at the crowd or the people near the church. He shot it straight up in the air and that arrow never came back down. I found myself kind of looking, watching, waiting for it to come back down and it never came back down. He kept looking into the air where He shot it. And He never looked back at me.

And then as He’s looking in the eyes in the sky He said:

“Remember to be precise as it matters more than ever now.”

As it matters more than ever right now. He never looked back at me. He’s looking in the air. He shot the arrow, and He simply says,

“remember to be precise as it matters more than ever, right now”

Final Thoughts on Dreams

When God speaks to us subconsciously through a dream, it is to serve these purposes: (1) to warn us and to turn us from wrongdoing, (2) to keep us from pride, (3) to preserve our soul from the pit and our life from perishing by the
sword. This is one of the dimensions and purposes of spiritual dreams. But, there is another positive dimension of dreams that can be tapped into for those who walk in obedience in their conscious life. These are the old men or
spiritual fathers that “dream dreams” ( Acts 2:17 ) By living a spirit-conscious life, the example of the spiritually mature believers is that they maintain an atmosphere of spiritual fellowship and intimacy with the Lord. These older men and women in the Lord are ones that are filled with God’s life and power in their spirit, through constant meditation and saturating their mind with the Word of God. Their spirit, heart, and mind are so permeated, filled and saturated with the mind and the life of Christ that they could now maintain this state of spirit consciousness whether they are awake or in sleep (for our spirit does not sleep). Living a life of union and unbroken communion with the Indwelling Christ, opens the door to this dimension of spiritual dreams to receive divine revelation, spiritual impressions and godly wisdom when awake or during sleep when the mind is in a sub-conscious state.

Acts 2:17
In the last days, God says,
I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your young men will see visions,
your old men will dream dreams.