I was sitting quietly gazing out the window when I entered into a vision. I saw a great and mighty oak tree with branches reaching high into the sky and huge branches reaching out across the land in all directions. It seemed to provide covering for the entire country.

All at once the leaves began to fade and turned brown. A wind began to trouble the leaves. As the wind strengthened the leaves started to fall off gently at first but then the wind increased, and the leaves began to fly off the tree in all directions. The wind continued to blow with ever increasing force.

As I watched I saw a strange whirlwind come into view. I’m not talking about a tornado exactly. It was just a white swirling cloud that was approaching this incredible oak tree. The swirling cloud was as large as the tree, and I thought oh no it’s going to hit the tree. When it did every leaf was stripped off the tree and tossed violently into the air. This was no ordinary whirlwind for as I watched expecting this wind to continue moving, it just stayed in that place directly over the tree.

It had approached the mighty oak tree from south. As it engulfed the tree with sustained winds that never seemed to let up, it seemed as if it was violently and intentionally attacking this great oak. Dust and leaves flew up everywhere. The fallout from the destruction seemed to spread across the land. The speed then increased, and limbs began snapping and flying off. I began to see limbs breaking off and then every limb on the tree suddenly had their leaves and their ends broken off and the tree was made utterly bare.

Not one bit of this tree seemed untouched except for the bark which was still intact. Then I watched as the whirlwind suddenly lifted from the tree and went up into the sky and disappeared. I cried for the tree. This once beautiful and mighty oak tree had been stripped. I cried out in prayer and said oh Lord, the beautiful tree, it is ruined. Alas it is bare for all to see.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord and he said

Know that this tree has only been pruned by My hand. I have stripped it of dead wood and pruned all its branches. My beloved, be it known without a doubt that although it presently will look destroyed, its roots are deep in Me. Nothing can destroy that which I preserve. You will surely see spring come and it will once again return upon the land. It will flourish and produce more fruit than it ever has produced before. At that moment I was made to know that the Lord was telling me the tree was America.

I’m telling you to get ready for a time of hardship. Time is short. Please warn everyone to get ready for a season of difficulty the likes of which this nation has never known. God is going to use it to bring down the proud and the arrogant. God is going to use it to deliver the souls of men. As the hand of God touches our country, we are going to see a harvest that has never been seen. In the midst of the storm there is going to be genuine heart repentance. A turning away from evil and toward God. A revival not only in America but worldwide.

Prepare your home, your heart, your finances and your supplies. Strengthen your relationships with those God has placed in your life for those bonds of love will sustain you and supply you when the systems of the natural order fail.

I believe it is imminent. I’m not going to give you a date. I don’t know the exact date. I only know the season and the season is now. Every time I think I know the time, just then, God surprises me with mercy, with more time for people to be warned. With more time to prepare but I know God is about to prune America. He’s going to prune the nation and the church for both the houses of the natural order and the houses of the spiritual order have been divided for far too long. A house divided can not stand.

Jesus said;

Mark 3:24-25
And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.
And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.