I dreamed that I was watching a large passenger plane with an American flag on the tail, it was not an American airlines flight, it was just a plane with an American flag on it. It was flying very briskly at what appeared to be around 35 000 feet when it began a slight descent that seemed like a normal angle with the nose up.

I could see a large layer of clouds far below the plane. The clouds there were churning almost like there was wind blowing in a circular motion. I could see people through the windows of the plane, and they appeared unworried and not afraid. They were reading magazines, listening to headphones, and resting or sleeping. Then very suddenly and I mean suddenly without warning the plane did a complete nosedive and headed straight down.

Inexplicably the people on board made no changes in their activity despite the planes trajectory now heading towards certain destruction yet they just kept doing what they were doing as I was watching them seemingly oblivious that the plane was going straight down.

At this point the scene shifts and I see naval ships surround Taiwan and aim heavy caliber weapons at the nation. They originally started further out of the water, but then moved together and closed ranks like they were tightening a knot as they got closer. They were coming in like a contracting circle around Taiwan.

I then saw mainland China and found myself in a room with military leaders at a table pushing pieces on a large table map indicating movements of troops and movements of warships. There was radio communication going on between them and I saw leadership (Xi Jinping) sitting near a red button.

There was angry speech and pounding of fists on the table. It reached the point that those around the table were shouting at times. The Chinese leader was staring at a phone in his hand and was rocking nervously in an old-fashioned American rocking chair which did not fit in with the decor of the room. If you’ve ever gone to Cracker Barrel restaurant in the states and seen those rocking chairs out front, that’s kind of what they were sitting in.

The scene shifts to Russia, and I see a table set right beside St. Basil’s cathedral near the Kremlin. Putin and his military leaders were having some sort of picnic lunch with a large picnic basket and an abundance of empty wine bottles, not vodka bottles as you would most likely see in Russia, rather empty wine bottles. They covered the table and the ground around them.

Putin was holding his side as if he was sick and having sheer pain in his abdominal region. He was not drinking with his men. He too had a cell phone in his hand and was staring at it while sitting in the same kind of rocking chair as the Chinese leader. Putin was very calm and relaxed and untouched by the boisterous generals that were all around him.

The scene then changed to Europe and leaders there were discussing the surrounding of Taiwan and what can and should be done to help them. The decision was made to let the world leaders of the United States of America and Great Britain handle the crisis as all these people had faith in the plan of those two nations heading this up and confronting China over this invasion of Taiwan with the naval ships and military presence. Each of the leaders stood up and shook hands, but they were also wiping sweat off their brows because they realized this was a serious situation.

Then I saw a split screen of both the Chinese leader and Putin. They both hit “Send” on their phones at the very same time. They were literally rocking in opposite directions, but in the very same motion towards one another. The leaders then casually shut their eyes and began to go to sleep. The navy ships quickly turned from the coastline of Taiwan and began speedily untying the dragnet that they’d been using around Taiwan.

The scene changes and I see many missiles raining down over Ukraine on a larger scale than I’ve seen in the previous news headlines. They were larger and more powerful than those used in the bombing in Kiev. In the destruction I saw a steel plant where some people were trapped. A lot more missiles were coming in than had been reported in the headlines.

I saw large silos all over western Europe uncovered and smoke coming out of them, but no launch took place and that reminded me of the missile silos that we have all throughout the Dakotas and around the northern parts of America. Smoke was coming out, but nothing was being launched but the lids came off, so they were on standby and could be launched at a moment’s notice.

I then saw a large rocket launch from one of the Navy ships the Chinese had around Taiwan. It headed straight up and then took off at what could only be hyper sonic speed and it headed east across the Pacific Ocean. I could see over the sky there were lines almost like a grid. It was as if you could see a missiles path and trajectory by the marks on the grid to know the proximity to the target. You can tell where this missile was going to end up as it was headed right over the United States, but the trajectory stopped right in the middle of the country.

At that time I then saw the plane from the first part of the dream dip right below the lowest clouds and I could see land patterns on the ground below and then I saw an explosion above the clouds and the plane below the canopy lost all power. It had kept power as it was diving until that explosion above the clouds happened. Then the power went off on that plane almost at the same time simultaneously. So, I saw the explosion above the clouds, the plane below the canopy lost all power.

Strangely before this explosion happened, it appeared as if the pilot was pushing the speed towards the ground and accelerating on purpose. Now the lights inside the plane were off and people became aware that their music had stopped the TVs were off and they were looking out the windows in shock and literally absolute panic as they seemed to be aware for the first time what was happening. They were screaming, they were beating on the pilot’s door in absolute panic. And then it went completely dark inside the plane.

As that plane was going straight down, I caught one last image, one glance. I could see the man that I always see in my dreams, sitting next to the window, unafraid of what was going on. He was just sitting right in the window, I had to turn my head sideways to see how he was sitting.

He said out the window towards me:

“I told them to pray, but they did not. They need to take it seriously now”.

The man disappeared and I woke up and that was when I began to write down all that I saw. The first thing I saw for almost a week was just the plane going straight and then going straight down and over the next week or so I saw the rest of the images come together. And once again I am not declaring that there’s an EMP that is going to strike our country, yet I know that there is much deeper symbolism and meaning here.