The dream began with me sitting in front of my desk. I have a clear view of a window. On the wall near the window, I see a calendar that at the top in big bold numbers says 2022. It was a very simple calendar, no pictures just the bold outline of dates and months.

I continued sitting at my desk occasionally glancing out the window and watching a podcast on my computer. I could see outside. The visibility was unlimited, clear sunny skies outside. A perfect view, no problems at all, no issues, no gray clouds, no storms on the horizon.

My focus then shifted back to the calendar on the wall. I saw the calendar in January and it changed to February. While the months changed, I looked out the window and noticed that during both January, February the weather stayed the same with clear sunny skies representing those two months.

Then the calendar flipped to March and the skies turned very gray. I heard the distinct sounds of F-16s that were approaching my location. I could not see anything outside except the gray overcast sky, no action, no excitement, then I saw three F-16s go flying by the window.

Then my focus went back on the calendar. As the month changed to April, May, June, July, August. During these five months I could see through the window that the sun was shining and nothing of concern was taking place outside.

I’m watching the podcast at my desk when my attention is drawn back to both the calendar and the window. specifically. There are actually two windows in front of me that are 15 feet in height so that I have an unobstructed and wide view of everything going on outside.

Then almost in slow motion the calendar began flipping over to September. As this was occurring the calendar paper seemed to change colors. It looked like a green leaf turning brown like leaves do in the fall. When the month finished flipping over, I could see September 2022 clearly and the calendar paper had turned completely brown and began to fade.

I then looked again outside the windows, and I saw that the sky outside had become pitch black. I could hear wind; I could hear random noises and then I heard the jets again. I saw a group of three F-16s fly by the window headed true north

They were in perfect formation as they flew right outside my window. Just then they paused. They just seemed to freeze in midair for a second and I could see that these three F-16s were wingtip to wingtip. They had flashing red and yellow lights on both the top and bottom. After the pause they rocketed by at a great speed and were soon out of sight and not heard again. They were moving like they were on a mission, and it reminded me of seeing some of the jets flying over New York on 9/11. They had a place to go, and they had to get there fast so those three jets had a very important purpose and direction.

As soon as those jets disappeared towards the north, suddenly another three jets appeared. They also flew by my windows and froze in place for a moment and I saw they were all in the same formation one two three wingtip to wingtip. They also had the red and yellow lights on top and the bottom. These jets were headed in the opposite direction. They were going directly south. As they took off they were flying even faster than the first group of jets.

At this point I get up from my chair and I walk to the window. As I’m looking outside, I immediately heard jets approaching but I can’t see them yet. The sky is pitch black, so nothing else is visible outside.

Then another three jets appeared over my location. I’m seeing the rear of these planes as they are speeding away from me. It’s like a Top Gun moment as I can see the afterburners on all three jet engines. They are heading west as fast as they can. They came from the east, and they are at almost supersonic speed. I did not see any flashing lights on these jets, although they did pause as the others had right in front of the windows. All I could see was the exhaust and the bright flames of the jet engines.

As they sped away toward the horizon suddenly , they just went straight up, and I mean just that, straight up. When they did I got to see those three F-16s just in formation all three wingtip to wingtip but no lights flashing, just the abrupt change in direction upward. Then I heard a sonic boom. Just one sonic boom, not three. Immediately after the one sonic boom all three jets were gone. I pressed my face against the glass, I’m looking up, I’m looking around, I’m trying to see things but there’s nothing outside but pitch-black sky. So, three jets had gone north, three had gone south and three had started west and then went straight up at supersonic speed. I was standing there looking out the window very perplexed when the man that I see in my dreams walked over to the window. I could see his face clearly. Then he pointed up and he said:

Up is coming and it is beginning. All that you have braced for is for now.

Up is coming and it is beginning and all that you have braced for is for now.

Stay braced and ready, eyes on the prize and be steady in your steps

I knew the dream was not finished yet because it kept repeating and ending at the same place. After the dream repeats for almost two weeks, I find myself fully awake early one morning and I have the last part of the dream in the form of a vision.

I began to walk and pace in the living room and as I was walking and pacing about 2:15 am, I had a vision that stopped me in my tracks. In that vision I was standing on the boundary of Ukraine and Russia. I saw a large boiling pot right on that border of Ukraine. It didn’t take up the whole border but just right smack dab in the center of the border point between Russia and Ukraine. And I saw this huge boiling pot I’m going to call it a cauldron and I saw soldiers on both sides of that cauldron.

They were tossing up blocks and bricks and pieces of what looked like tree limbs in large black bags. The soldiers on different sides of the cauldron were not engaged with each other. There was no war going on, nobody had guns or weapons or missiles or anything, they were just taking stuff and throwing it up in the pots from both sides. But then I began to notice that the pot was growing larger, exponentially now it was about 50 feet high.

Then I saw that going north and south off of that cauldron it seemed that walls began to move and the walls began to shape and filter down. It was almost like the one piece was here and another piece was added another piece, another piece, another piece going both north and south. And I saw that these walls were going to be the same height as that boiling pot.

The wall expansion was moving north it blocked Ukraine. It went along the border of Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and Estonia. The wall kept going up that way right along the international boundaries that separated Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and Estonia from Russia. The southern moving wall closed off the southern part of Ukraine and also closed off Georgia all the way down to the sea.

The wall stopped at the top and the bottom and it became taller. It seemed to grow until it was about 100 feet high. It was separated all the nations from Russia. The wall just went straight down in front to the east of Georgia and blocked it off also.

I was seeing this like it was a map that was evolving. I watched the wall get blue and cold. It was suddenly electrified with a digital signal and then ice appeared all over that wall. It was a frozen wall and there was still a pulse going through it. I could see like an alternating pulse of electricity running through that wall from top to bottom like electricity was running through it but it was a wall nonetheless, a very tall and thick wall. By this time it was completely ice-covered and had almost like a digital signal coursing through it, like when you’re watching somebody’s cardiac heart monitor and you see the ups and the downs and the beep. It looked like one of those things going all along the outside wall. I was looking at the wall facing Russia, looking at it from the west to the east. The signal on the heart monitor, it went from Estonia to Georgia it extended all the way from north to south but its origin was in the middle of Ukraine and Russia.

When the night came you could see that pulse on the western side. As the darkness grew you could see that pulse brighter and brighter. It to was like a heart monitor. There were also lights that were about 500 feet above those walls, so that wall was tall, and 500 feet above it was these huge, huge, massive spotlights that shone down on the wall and you can see on both sides of the wall very, very easily for probably about a half a mile on each side. And there were fixed poles that covered the top of that wall with light, and they also revealed about 50 feet up and down the wall. All along the wall there were guard towers. And at each post there were two guards, each one facing a different way. One facing east and one facing west with their backs against one another. And in my spirit, I heard the words;

A new cold war is upon us and that “Cyber” will be the new “Cipher.”