I dreamed that I was standing in an open field and looking west in broad daylight in the sun at high noon. There was a compass in my right palm that was facing at the point of west and that’s how I knew what direction I was facing. And there was a silver-colored straight metal rod or staff in my left hand. It was touching the ground and it went at least a foot above my head. I’m about five, six and a half, so it was up to about seven feet tall. So, in my right hand I have the compass pointing west and the staff is in my left hand.

I was watching the sky and saw what appeared to be a large stone suspended in the middle of the air. It was at a very high altitude, and it was unusually large. It was like looking at the moon in a very close orbit to the earth. The stone was massive and looked out of place and proportion to everything else. It was almost like a square, and there was a large round hole drilled near the top of it. And this thing was thick. It was miles and probably hundreds of miles wide.

At first, in my mind I thought maybe I’m seeing the walls of the city mentioned as the New Jerusalem in Revelation. But then I saw more clearly just how huge it was and it had this large hole drilled into it and what appeared to be a streamer connected to it like you would see a tail on a kite. It was tied through the stone, but it was very blurry.

I began walking west toward a vast empty field that seemed as if a combine had just gone through it. So, everything had been cut and harvested. I’m from Indiana – so, after the combines would go through, you’d see those bottom stocks of corn about maybe up to eight inches to a foot tall, where they’ve been harvested, it looked like that. The grass, in most places were green and healthy but where it’s been cut, it was browning, and it started to look dead. The stone suddenly began to descend but did not have a fiery entry. Like when the space shuttle came back, or rockets came out of orbit and you would see that fiery reentry but as the stone descended there was no fire on this at all.

There were no wave disruptions in the sky nor was there any sound coming from the stone. As it moved close there was no fire in the atmosphere, no entry point or trail and there was no sound except the whipping of what appeared to be a rope. As it came nearer, I could see now that this was a huge rope, probably hundreds of feet wide that had gone through the hole in the top of this big stone. It made a sound like plastic that was not secured around cargo on a truck going down the highway.

The stone was now falling very quickly from the sky, and I could feel the wind coming off of it. It was then that I realized I was as far west as I could be. I was literally standing in California looking off the shore, into the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean and I saw a sign that said Pacific Ocean. So, that’s how I knew where I was.

I didn’t realize until just then that the stone seemed to be about the size of Texas, and it was overshadowing the entire western half of the United States. As it fell, I could hear the whipping of the rope behind it, and I could also see it was trailing all the way back to the upper atmosphere where the skyline ends, and you can begin to see the darkness of space as if you were in a low-level orbit. The rope appeared to be many miles wide. It was impossible to tell how wide it was.

Just then the stone hit in the middle of the ocean but there was no violent tsunami-like blast, there was nothing crazy. It hit as hard as it could, but it just began to sink, wobble, kind of slowly into the water and then it continued to sink. At this point the broad daylight that I was seeing faded over the next few minutes of the dream, and I saw the rope falling from the sky and it formed a circle around the United States of America. Mexico and Canada were not part of this circle. I saw the rope as the stone was going down, there’s still rope coming out of the ocean, still rope in the sky and it makes its way like a circle around America.

As the stone sank, the rope seemed to tighten around the shores of the country. The Midwest actually had a facial expression and appeared to be choking and was having trouble breathing. I clearly saw a face in that area of the country that appeared to be gasping for air, like it couldn’t catch its breath.

There were no arms or hands, I just saw the face restricted, trying to breathe. I could hear a heartbeat that was a very loud and the rhythm of the beat was not steady, it was choppy, it was violent. There was some type of arrhythmia going on. And then I heard the millstone hit the bottom of the ocean. I could hear it; it was like a sonar sound; a dull thud and I knew it had hit the bottom of the ocean.

At that point, the Midwest took a deep breath. That face that I saw, took a deep breath as the noose around the nation loosened slightly. It was a smile and a look of relief on that face in the Midwest.

Then, I saw the man’s face that I see so often in my dreams. It suddenly went from the face of someone in the Midwest that was having trouble breathing to the face of the Man. He took a deep breath and then he spoke these words:

“This is for the slaughter of and the hands that shed innocent blood”.

I then saw the stone sitting on the ocean floor and I saw this hand, this big, huge hand that rushed down through the water, grabbed that stone – which I’m going to call a millstone – and it pushed that rock through the mantle of the ocean floor violently. The rope tightened quickly around the nation’s throat. I saw violent earthquakes. I saw smoke rolling up as what appeared to be the last breath was taken. I saw the eyes of this facial image of the nation get bigger. You could tell the country was being choked. But what got my attention was the speed in which the nation seemed be dying.

As I watched it, this violent hand continues to push that rock through the mantle and just like with the tension of a zip-line it tightened and that was it. Then I saw a horse, a white horse, and a rider on it dressed in gleaming white. And it was the Man. He pointed with his right hand to the destruction, and he said:

” I Keep My word and I will be faithful to keep My word as it regards the blessing
and the curse. There is not much time to work and those that know, know this deeply.
Get busy. Stay busy and know that I’m coming back very soon”

The horse and rider were gone in a flash, and I found myself standing back in that field where I started right there in the middle of the nation. I noticed that the season had changed, and the crops were now ready, and the fields were absolutely ripe. But only a few people were in the field working. I was overcome with emotion, despair because I realized there’s not enough people to do what needs to be done. And then I saw large groups of people coming from every direction, north, south, east, and west. They were coming with large bags over their shoulders. And the old-fashioned sickles, like my grandpa used to use to take weed out of the field. And I saw the shadows begin to shade the field, but the sun was still up but it was obviously going down. And the workers were now running at full speed, with those bags over their shoulders and those sickles, those scythes in their hands. They were running full speed. At this point, I woke up but then a few nights later, I had a flash dream. That’s what I’m just going to call it, a flash dream. And the man stood before me and stated very quickly.

“It’s too late to start”

and he emphasized start. He said:

“It’s too late to start. It’s too late to start bracing.
And the braced are about to be tested harshly.
So, lock in place”.

He emphasized

“start bracing”,

and then emphasized

“lock in place”.