I saw a bright sunlit sky, no clouds. I saw the man that I see often in my dreams walking down the streets of New York. I saw the traditional skyline. I even saw the Empire state building, so I knew exactly where I was.

The man I always see in my dreams was dressed in a first century robe like any Jewish male would have worn in public at the time. He also wore the traditional prayer shawl over his head. As he walked his pace was steady, and the people walked by him oblivious to the fact that his arm was extended and in his hand was a rope was a large stone attached to the end of it.

The rope was heavy but fit comfortably in his hand with the end hanging down almost to the ground. And at the bottom of the rope appeared to be a large stone that resembled a traditional tablet similar to what the ten commandments were written on. The rope stayed tight every step he took. Even as he walked at a brisk pace it didn’t move it didn’t sway but remained perfectly still and straight. I then found myself walking beside this man in the dream. As I’m watching him, I continue to be amazed that this rope remains straight and doesn’t move at all. So, I asked him why and how the rope and stone could remain perfectly perpendicular to the ground and not wobble as he was walking. Without stopping, he stated clearly: “My plumb line never moves”.

I asked where we were going and he simply said, “To do business”. Then we passed the street sign that said Wall Street and we walked further down the street. We walked several feet past that sign and then he stopped and looked into the distance at a taller building. He held that rope up and he measured the balance of the plumb line against the building ahead.

I could see that the building was obviously tilted away from the line that he was holding. The man then put both hands on the building and began to shake it back and forth and it kept rocking even after he took his hands off. So the building’s moving back and forth not up and down but just side to side.

Suddenly at that moment some of the windows began to open and I saw office furniture inside. I then saw people who were falling out of these windows as the building swayed. There were files and there were folders, and there was currency of all kinds that was coming out of the windows. It was not just American currency. There was currency of many countries that I saw spiraling in the air toward the ground. There were not only dollar bills but also coins that were flying out. I saw precious metals. I saw things of value that were just kind of lazily spinning down toward the ground. Once the currencies of the different countries hit the ground this violent whirlwind began to sweep them up into the air and they disappeared and never came down again.

The people that had fallen to the ground were bruised and they were struggling to move. They were all dressed in suits, both male and female like professional suits. They were covered in what looked like tar and pitch. It was thick just like tar and it glued them to the ground and made movement extremely difficult. They could move but they couldn’t get up. They were just kind of stuck there. As I looked closer the pitch that covered them had an oily sheen to it.

The man then told me to follow him. As we left this scene of all the currency that had gone up in the air. I looked around and saw the files and the folders strewn everywhere and the people that remained on the ground. The people were covered in the goo but nothing else was.

The scene shifts to Washington, DC. As we walked, I could see the capitol building come into view on the horizon. We walked briskly towards it. The man remained silent saying nothing as we walked. The man had his face set toward the direction of those places he intended to go with complete focus. As we arrived He stood at the bottom of the steps of the Capitol. He held up the rope in his right hand toward the Capitol. The Capitol appeared to be leaning, much the same way as the Wall Street building was. The rope was perfectly straight but the capital was both tilted and twisted as I could see that it was not lined up with the plumbline.

Suddenly the man raised his right foot into the air and he took off his New Testament-style sandal. He then brought his foot down with tremendous force on the first step up to the Capitol. The force of His foot as it impacted the first step sent shock waves that caused the building to rock back and forth.

As the shaking intensified people began falling out of the windows and the doors. There were desk name plates that were falling onto the ground. I could see the names clearly. As the people were falling, strangely they were all landing on their knees. When they fell from the windows they just fell on their knees and you could actually hear their knees almost pop when they hit the pavement. They were screaming out in pain from the force of the impact. These people were covered in a sticky purple syrup. It was a dark deep purple syrup that was as thick as molasses and the weight of it was hindering them from moving. They were trying to get up and walk but they couldn’t. It wasn’t gluing them to the ground, they could move but just not very far. When they did get up, they would slip and fall again only to be covered in more of the thick purple substance. It was all over them. Some of them had the syrup that covered their faces. Some had it all over their hands, their feet, their knees and their suits were being ruined as they were soaked in the purple slick.

Half of them were on the ground weeping. Some of them were laying on the ground in fetal positions and groaning. Some of these people were shaking their fists at the man in white that I was with but they said nothing. As He moved around them they dropped their heads to hide their faces. So, they were shaking their fists yet not saying a word as they bowed their heads down. Their groans were like someone in intense pain that could not be comforted.

The man told me to follow him and again the scene changed. At this time the sun had almost set and it was near dark. As nighttime approached, the next thing I saw was a church building. It was modern architecture but on top of it had a large seemingly out of place neon green cross. The roof seemed to be glowing from the light that emanated from the cross. As I watched the colors seem to cycle as it glowed from white to green, white to green almost like it was on a circuit and it would go white to green and then fade white to green like it was flashing but doing it very slowly over time as if it was on an automated cycle.

The man walked up to the church, and he took off his prayer shawl and outer robe. He suddenly appeared to grow in size and became considerably larger than the church. He placed both hands on the church and lifted the building into the air. He did not put the plumb line out first, he just walked right up to the church and grabbed it by his hands. As he placed both hands on the church and lifted it into the air, he looked right at me and he said, “I warned them”. He then shook the church aggressively and violently and he shook it for several moments.

The hands on Wall Street and the foot on the Capitol steps had caused the buildings to shake and they continued to shake. But he actually picked up the church and shook it, aggressively and violently. As he continued to shake it for several moments the lights inside and the cross went dark. The windows broke open and I saw the outer walls begin to tear from each other and then he slammed the church down, back on its foundation so hard that the ground shook and the front doors broke open and actually fell off their hinges.

I watched people stumble out of that church like they were dizzy, and they started to run away as fast as they could and as they ran, they were throwing bibles to the ground and not even looking back. They were trying to get out of there as fast as they could.

There were people that identified as pastors who were running as well while covering their faces with their jackets. Some raised their jackets up over their heads as if to hide their heads like a hoodie would do. With the jackets over their head, they ran almost blindly at times which caused them to run into each other and over each other. They were running in a frenzy, but they were running with a purpose, to get out of there as fast as they could and to get away quickly, as faraway as they could.

I identified some of those men and women who were running as pastors and leaders. Many of them just kind of shook their heads and walked by. There was a group of people that I couldn’t see their faces, but as these people left the church, I could hear them speak as they were walking by me. They were denying even knowing who Jesus was. “I never knew him. I don’t know him. That’s not my church” were some of the comments I heard. It was as if they were embarrassed for even being a part of the church that had just been shaken.

They were walking away from it briskly. Some were going slower because of the injuries from being shaken, but they continued to walk away from the church. And then I was able to see inside the church and I saw tremendous damage. I saw pews that were turned over and broken in half, wood split in many ways in the building. I saw lights that were hanging from damaged ceiling tiles. I saw a chandelier that was on the ground with electrical wire still attached that was all the way up to the ceiling. There was damage to every part of the structure.

Then I looked near the front of the church and there was an oak pulpit that was still intact even though the platform around it had been damaged. You could just tell the church had been shaken to its core by the man. Electrical damage, wall damage, structural damage but amazingly somehow that pulpit was intact at the front of the church. It had been chipped by debris and appeared to be leaning just slightly.

And then I saw the altar area and there seemed to be hundreds, hundreds of people and they were tied together with ropes and even chains and they were connected to each other, but they were also primarily connected to the altars on both sides at the front of the church.

They were clutching bibles to their chests, so firmly that the bibles had handprints in them from, where you could tell, they were clutching them and gripping them so tightly so that the shaking wouldn’t rip them out of their hands. They looked weary, they looked shaken. There were some of them who had been injured yet they had joyful faces. There were smiles on their faces because the shaking had finally come to an end. There were some in that group though that were tied together who had passed away. They appeared to have been hit with debris from the shaking. The ones who remained alive were shedding tears for them.

Then slowly everyone began to stand and untied themselves not from each other but from the altar. They moved as one as they got up and began to clean up the area and kick away the debris. I was made to know that they were each searching their hearts for understanding to make sense of all that had taken place.

Then the man walked in. He looked around as if he was assessing all that he saw, and he said these words:

“You took warning; and you were good to do so, your obedience has been noted and there will be fruit both here and in heaven. Though shaken and broken you will arise my bride and work until I come” so once again the last thing he said was “You took warning, and were good to do so, your obedience has been noted and there will be fruit both here and in heaven. Though shaken and broken you will arise my bride and work until I come”.