Dream… I saw a landscape of ice and snow and there was a fog over the ground that was so thick you could not see through it. And then it began to clear, as that fog lifted, I saw the outline of the southern coastal states from Texas over all the way to Florida.

I could see buildings that resembled churches. They had steeples with crosses and their shapes were buildings that resembled churches. They were located in each of the southern states. There was smoke coming out of every one of those churches.

There were many believers praying earnestly and loudly in each one of them, and I could hear those people praying out loud. They were repenting, they were confessing the sins of the nation and their own sins as well.

It was very much like a Daniel prayer and there were many tears and there was wailing, wailing as their lost loved ones were being brought to their remembrance in their prayers. These people were praying for family members and moms and dads and husbands and wives and kids who were not serving the Lord. They asked for forgiveness for being an inadequate witness and for being anchored to sins that they knew that were wrong but they had kept holding on to that had become this chain that weighted them down and because of that it ruined their walk with the Lord because they could not run the race.

I began to notice that as they confessed and prayed louder and more aggressively, I saw that all this snow was beginning to melt. I saw that the ice and the snow begin to disappear in every state.

The melting that was taking place in each state originated from the churches located in that state and then spread throughout the state. It didn’t start out in the countryside or in the cities but from the churches, wherever they were located. I saw it was happening in every single state.

As the snow disappeared over the United States of America it left behind this gray mud. From its appearance and smell you knew that it was “death and decay”, it had no life in it. As I looked around there was very little green vegetation, no leaves on the trees, the ground was bare, dead and exposed and even the grass was this dormant brown lifeless color.

As the thawing took place the believers went out from the churches. Once outside the Church, they began holding their noses and they were asking God, why He had not answered their prayers to bring restoration to the land.

Suddenly the heavens opened, and the voice of God said:

“Just work with the mud you’ve been given”

Some immediately complained and began to speak of the hours they’d prayed and expected to have a better return for their prayers. And once more the voice said:

“Work with the mud you’ve been given”
and the voice was firmer this time than before.

Then a cloud then appeared. It seemed to be located in the middle of the United States. Some of the believers from the churches began to follow and walk towards that cloud. Their path toward the cloud carried them directly over some of the muddiest and the most decayed ground.

Some very early in the journey simply gave up and walked away because of how bad it looked and smelled. As they turned back they would pass the Churches that they had come out of and they would leave their prayer guides bibles behind at the Churches. They said in their heart, “We will find better ground and the God that will honor our prayers”.

The ones that had chosen to continue their journey toward the cloud soon found themselves in mud up to their knees. They were struggling to move. As they gritted their teeth, I saw the muscles and the veins in their arms stretching out as they were pushing ahead.

As they pushed forward, suddenly I heard the howling of wolves. It was all around, and the mud walkers stopped quickly to listen. They didn’t give up or give in to their fears. Nobody panicked as each had their eyes on the cloud and they again started moving again.

Within moments there were hundreds of black wolves very similar to the ones I’d seen in the other dream that had been worked up into a frenzy. These black wolves were pushing through the mud, they were trying to get very close to believers. As they got closer they would snarl and try to bite but were seemingly being held back.

Again, they got very close to the people but they would be pulled back almost like an unseen rope was restraining them. They were at times inches from the faces of the people but the people stayed focused on following the cloud.

The people appeared to be one, looking up as a group to see the cloud. The sky was a crystal-clear contrast to the weighty mud that covered the ground and the group. The mud was ashen gray, and everybody’s shirts were just covered in mud and sweat.

Then the scene changed, and I was saw the entire United States. In each state there seemed to be people heading toward the cloud. The cloud was drawing the believers to what seemed like a central point. The cloud wasn’t moving it was stationary. Everyone in the groups kept pushing through the mud and avoiding the wolves all along the way so this wasn’t just happening in the southern states, it was happening all over the country.

As some of the groups got closer to the cloud the wolves actually began making physical contact. They were leaving marks and bitemarks on the people’s arms and shoulders yet the people continued walking and moving.

The landscape was littered with the paw prints of the wolves. They were innumerable and as time passed, their eyes began to glow with an intensity like I had seen in other dreams. A bright red almost like a led light in their eyes. They were being provoked by the winds, I could hear the howling of the winds. It was stirring up their fur and you could just see the wind blowing on them and I knew they were being provoked by the winds.

I then saw other groups of people who were wearing masks. The masks had images on them of skulls, witches face’s and faces of demons. These images were somehow all on the outside of the mud that was on the masks. These people were screaming curses and blasphemous words at the believers who were down in the mud, calling them “haters” and “dividers”.

There appeared to be no specific leader among the masked group as they moved along side those believers that were in the mud. Some of the masked people threw rocks and sticks at the believers. These sticks resembled arrows. In spite of this the believers kept pushing through towards the cloud. They were covered up to their necks now in mud. Some had lost strength and they were being pulled through the mud by the stronger ones. The hands of the weaker ones were holding on the backs of those that were stronger.

The ones that have started in the mud remained in the mud; nobody had gotten out. Around them was what looked like more solid ground. This is where the masked people stood. I noticed some believers in the mud began looking around and they wanted to get to this ground. They realized it would be far easier to walk on that path, but they were in the mud together and walking forwards. A few of them paused though to consider getting out of that mud and taking the easier path.

At that point I saw several get out, because the mud was getting deeper and more difficult. The believers that had decided to take the easier path were helped by some of the people who were wearing the masks. Once those believers were lifted out of the mud, they were given masks and began to taunt those in the mud. They said,

“the mud is not God’s plan, He has deceived you and yet you follow without thinking for yourselves”

And then that Christ figure that I always see in my dreams appeared in a white robe with angels all around him and he had a big scepter in his right hand. He spread his arms out and said loudly

“My ways are not your ways; your spiritual legs will be strengthened through agony and your witness will defend the naïve and those who have no fear of me. Bracing gives way to fire and those braced must remain on the path. My command is ‘Come out from among them, separate yourself as the chaff is about to burn and their smoke will fill the skies’”.

And at this point in the dream, I saw absolute emerald, green lightning fill the sky. Multiple thunderclaps that lasted for a long time. Then there were blinding flashes of light that lit the entire country up and even the shadows disappeared. As this took place, I saw when the wolves hide their faces in the earth and the people harassing the believers hid their faces in shame as the Christ figure was raised up. I then thought of this verse,

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” (John 12:32)

Jesus was lifted up, he ascended from the earth and looked down and He was raised in the sky and He thrust the scepter straight down towards the earth and he shouted these words:

“I am coming soon and my reward is with me! Stay faithful until I come”.