I am going to share a dream from a friend and as I do,
I’ll include my interpretation of the dreams deeper meaning and symbolism.

Mountain Scene

In the dream, it was a crystal-clear day and as I looked up in front of me there was a vast mountain range that seemed to tower up into the heavens. The entire mountain was covered with a heavy blanket of snow with only the steepest faces and sharpest peaks exposed. As I gazed upon this scene, I was reminded of my fascination with those men and women who had a dream to one day to climb Mount Everest. I thought what training, what preparation and what cost would be involved to climb the mountain that stood before me.

Micah 4:1
“And it will come about in the last days that the mountain
of the house of the Lord will be established as the chief of the mountains”


My version of Luke 14:28 goes something like this “for which of you, wanting to climb a mountain doesn’t first sit down and count the cost”. The Church has forgotten about the Mountain of the Lord. It’s the place where you meet Him, “face to face”. It will cost you everything and you must be willing to risk it all. Dreams hold great promise, and they are fashioned by the Lord to touch something in our soul as well as speak to our spirit so there is both a thread in the natural and one in the spirit that must not be broken if you are to receive and impart the full measure of benefit from a dream.

“great red dragon”, later called Satan, the Devil,
“the deceiver of the whole inhabited earth”,
“the accuser of the brethren”

The Great Red Dragon

Back to the dream. As I looked off into the distance, I could see a large object flying high up in the sky near the mountains. It appeared to be red in color, and I could see that it had wings. As it got closer, I realized that what I was seeing was a very large red dragon. It began to fly lower and spiral down toward the valley where there were groups of people working the land. As the red dragon would swoop down it would cause great fear in the people as the dragon’s breath was as a fire that threatened them. The dragon flew so low that the people had to hunch down. The people kept a constant look out and would warn each other as he approached. So there were watchers and workers. These people would actually get on their knees and beg the dragon not to kill them with fire. They all seemed to know and look to this dragon as some type of leader who held a position of power over them, and they seemed willing to offer their submission and obedience. The dragon looked very old, almost ancient and was respected and even honored by some of the people. As it flew it moved with this elegance, grace, speed, and power. There was a spirit of arrogance that it seemed to exude. It had what looked to be almost a sneer on its face as it flew over its subjects. The red dragon controlled a very large territory, yet the illusion of his control was made possible primarily by those that feared and respected him and were constantly compelling others to comply with his every wish. These people were known as the servants of the red dragon and held positions of authority. You knew who they were by the crest on their clothing. This mark struck fear in the hearts of the people and gave these special servants of the red dragon power to push the other people around. There were beatings and other forms of punishment if anyone failed to instantly obey. Outwardly these people on the ground appeared to be united and wanted the red dragon to know that they were doing what he wanted them to do.


At this point in the dream, I am convinced that the Red Dragon represents China as it rules over its people with fear and forces them into factories where they are controlled by task masters and paid very low wages to produce products that the whole world uses all the while knowing that these goods come from a country of oppressed people. Every move they make is watched by the government and noncompliance means being sent to reeducation camps. Yet this would be the low hanging fruit of dream interpretation. Let’s look deeper. A red dragon speaks of a high-ranking territorial spirit. It is a powerful dominating and controlling force exerting influence that manifests with the spirit of anger at any type of defiance. The Devil is most certainly the spirit that empowers and directs the Red Dragon of this anti-God world system that seeks to maintain his power and grip on fallen mankind through deception. The dragon is a symbol of the antichrist spirit that constantly seeks to steal what God is birthing and devour the seed. In Revelation this Dragon represents the antichrist that is poised before the woman who is the Church and is charged by the evil one to devour the Manchild which is a Son that will be born fully mature. This Manchild will be caught up to a place of authority to move in harmony with Gods endtime purposes in the earth.

The Blue Dragon

Much more about dragons to come but for now back to the dream. My eyes turned back towards the mountains, and I saw what I believe to be a large blue dragon that was circling at a little lower altitude than the red dragon. As it got closer, I could tell it appeared to be flying under the influence of something. Its pattern of flight made you think it was drunk. This blue dragon wasn’t flying with the grace, speed, and accuracy of the red dragon. He was just kind of swerving, veering left and right and up and down and almost hit the ground at least twice as it flew. Its behavior was erratic and unpredictable. It was constantly yelling at people in a deep ominous voice that seemed to send out sound waves of force that you could feel as the tone caused the inside of your being to vibrate. He told the people that they would get nothing and like it. The blue dragon also had servants and people in positions of power, and they were also telling the people “You’ll get nothing and like it”. These people had the symbol of a sickle on their vests, and they began pushing the people and herding them into factories and warehouses with poles and rifles. As his servants were busy doing his bidding the blue dragon landed on the ground, and he sat and dozed off almost like he was in a drunken stupor. He did this repeatedly and when he would wake up, he would demand that people listen or he would threaten to burn them with his breath. He too was very arrogant.


As I pause the dream here, the blue dragon I believe points to Russia. This spirit is oppressive and depressive. It is full of greed and aggression. It is a spirit of endless war and strife. It is a contentious spirit capable of abuse and cruelty and operates in dark wisdom and revelation. It seems to navigate in the unknowable as the winds of evil blow at its back and fill it sails with the cold winds of evil plans meant to steal, kill and destroy. It is a false authority that speaks with dragons’ breath which is foul and blasphemous language. It seeks complete domination over the region that is operates in. Its leaders have supernatural instincts and the price of those instincts are the souls of those leaders who chose to make a deal with the devil. “You’ll get nothing and like it” was repeated several times and speaks of the ultimate intent of the dragon trio which is global digital currencies and the eventual elimination of paper currency so you will literally have nothing tangible to show for your efforts as well a devaluation during the transition process that will result in the largest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in human history.

The White Dragon

Even more to come on the dragon spirits but for now back to the dream. The next thing I heard was what sounded like thunder and explosions, and I looked to the skies to see a very large white dragon racing towards me. As it closed in, I could see it was a very young and energetic and appeared to be almost playful like a puppy moving constantly all over the place. It too was moved with great skill and speed yet unlike either of the other two dragons, when it swooped down over the many places it flew it was always leaving something in the hands of the people. It seemed to want to coerce the people to comply with its wishes by constantly giving them things, so their hands were never empty, and they appeared to be lulled into a false sense of security and safety as they did not appear to fear the white dragon. So, as it was flying over the people they ran towards it, waving their arms and trying to get the dragon’s attention. When he saw them, he would swoop down drop even more things in their hands and then the people would clap their hands and dance and cry with tears of joy because they were excited at the gifts they received. The white dragon did this constantly and seemed to have an endless supply of handouts for the people. There was a point though that I noticed the white dragon seemed to lose some of its power. After each new round of handouts, he slowly and methodically sits down and sleeps on top of these snow-covered mountains.


So, as we pause the dream again, we see on the surface a clear picture of the United States of America. The young white dragon, who flew around and left gifts for its people and for the nations of the world in an attempt to buy influence and power at home and abroad. It is the youngest of the three kingdoms depicted in the dream. Over time as its resources are used up, it appears to grow lazy, inattentive, and ineffective toward global affairs and world events. The people are addicted to the promises and provision and have become unwilling to work the land. They are simply waiting for another handout, yet their leader appears to be asleep at a critical moment in history. This does not go unnoticed by the other dragons as you will see. What happens when there is nothing left to hand out? Can the insanity of borrowing from other nations and spending into oblivion go on forever or will there come a day of reckoning with the dragon nations of the world? As I have prayed about this dream, I have saw many things and different possible outcomes. The handouts can be money. They can be promises. They could also be yet another booster that promises to keep the promise broken by the previous shots and boosters which appear in my discernment to be a counterfeit for divine health and will lead to the greatest loss of life and health in human history. There are many layers of twisted truth, and we must peel them all back to see the depths to which we have sunk as a once great nation. Even as I share this dark dream and all that appears on the horizon to be imminent, my heart and my faith says it does not have to be inevitable. If those who hear what the Spirit is saying and dream what the Spirit is saying begin to sound the alarm and cry out with all their heart, soul and might then there is a chance to change course. A chance to awaken and heed the warning. For now, back to the dream.

The Captive

As the white dragon slept the red dragon flew high overhead watching constantly. At first when the red dragon attempted to get closer, the white dragon would raise up and fly towards the red one and the red one would flee. The white dragon would fly back and begin resting almost immediately on the mountain top. Just as it began to doze off the blue dragon attempted the same approach. It was flying even closer to the white dragon yet somehow the white dragon had one eye barely open and saw its approach and immediately chased the blue dragon away. The white dragon dropped items off for the people one final time, as they were begging for them in unison at this point. Almost no one was working the land. The majority were just waiting for another handout. Then finally the white dragon slowed down and as he did this his white scales began to turn yellow, and I saw wrinkles on his face. It was almost as if I was watching this white dragon age right before my eyes. Some of his talons were broken and unsharp and there were patches on his wings and scales that appeared scarred and damaged from battles and encounters with the other dragons. The white dragon looked exhausted and could no longer answer the calls of the people requesting his help. He could no longer fly so he just climbed slowly up the mountain appearing to age even more rapidly with each step. He then lays down on the top of the mountain and goes to sleep. The red dragon soon began flying high above and then dove down, flying very close to provoke the white dragon but unlike before, there was no reaction and no movement from the white dragon The red dragon seemed emboldened with each pass, then suddenly he cried out with a loud roar and the blue dragon came flying close to the red dragon and together they approached the sleeping white dragon. Both dragons had rope and chains in their talons, and they tied up the white dragon who never woke up or moved. The people on the ground began to cry and scream for help but the white dragon lay still. They were yelling “wake up! wake up!” They were trying to get him to wake up and nothing was happening. The red and blue dragon began to work together to finish securing the sleeping white dragon. As they tied him up he seemed to grow in size by about 10 times. The sleeping white dragon was now muzzled and tied to the ground. His wings had been clipped so this dragon could never fly again. All at once the white dragon began to shake but he could not move, and the eyes bulged almost getting red. Where the wings had been the shaking produced a sound like sheet metal being twisted in a storm. The blue dragon sat down beside the muzzled giant white dragon and whispered in his ear: “Finished and done you are, you are”. The white dragon shook himself against the restraints but finally gave up. He shed several tears and closed his eyes that were still bulging from the pressure of being tied up. Then under that muzzle he took one final deep breath, and a blast of smoke came out of his nostrils and all signs of life were gone. The people he had helped began to spit on him and walk away in disgust. The red dragon walked up with the blue dragon, and they laughed at the corpse. They started to fly off together. As they did the red dragon put a leash on the blue dragon and the blue dragon looked back and snarled as the red dragon just kind of winked and said: “Right back to where we started” and they took flight with the red dragon leading the way and the blue dragon flying behind and the snow began falling on the mountains with great intensity as if a blizzard were approaching.


With all dreams there is message for the moment and a message for the ages. We stand at an ominous time where the two have converged. Perhaps the moment is not too big. Perhaps the master of chaos has overplayed his hand. Perhaps a warning heeded by the Lord’s people will usher in a day of both visitation and tribulation. Could we be on the dawning of the full expression of sonship. Could that be the reason for this unprecedented acceleration of evil. This dream culminates with an invitation to mountain climbers. Many will turn back. A few will ascend. Some will see His face and be changed.

Proverbs 29:2When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice:
but when the wicked rule, the people mourn”

The Mountain of the Lord

The scene changes one final time. As the dragons fly away, barely visible through the blizzard, my focus returns to the mountains. Just then, I saw the Man I always see in my dreams, walking towards me with a wooden staff in each of his hands. He was wearing the outfit of a soldier prepared for battle. He had a military backpack with straps over both shoulders.

He stopped right in front of me and in an arching motion he pointed to the sky, as if to say: “look at the sky, look at this vast expanse, look at the horizon”. Then he said: “Get ready for a fight with those coming from above and know that the fire in you will be necessary. Astute discernment you must use and fully armored you must be”. Each word was spoken slowly with great emphasis.

He then rolled up his sleeves and shifted the backpack and removed it from his back. He then held it across his right arm in front of him. He started walking back up the mountain. As he walked away, I realized that both wooden staffs were laying there on the ground in front of me. And so, the dream ended with him walking up the mountain and looking up in the sky, toward the horizon, very intently.

Interpretation – Dream Overview

The Dragons are principalities who seem to have dominion over certain parts to the world. The people of these nations are systematically reduced to objects for others to subdue, control, and enslave. As the red and blue dragons, coordinate and unite to subdue the white dragon with chains and to remove its wings. So I believe is the fate of America is hanging in the balance. We stand at the threshold of judgements and are given a profound warning in this dream. The Man at the end of the dream said: “Get ready for a fight with those coming from above and know that the fire in you will be necessary”. So don’t bring carnal weapons to a spiritual gunfight.

2 Corinthians 10:4For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, z
but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds”

Do you truly discern the times we are now living in? True discernment can differentiate between the Presence of the Lord and anything that comes from another source. Discernment means one can understand the heart of God without outside influence. True discernment also separates the holy from the unholy. True spiritual discernment without measure is imparted to us step by step as in faith we climb the mountain with the Lord.

A storm is coming you know. Brace yourself and your family. Build strong alliances with the Lords people. Ask the Lord for wisdom and astute discernment to rightly interpret this dream as it relates to you personally and how you should prepare and respond. You must acquire, put on and learn to use the whole armor of God. Time is very short. What is on the horizon will bring much hardship and suffering to America, the Church and the world. We must be filled with the Spirit of God, and consumed by the fire of His presence to prevail.

Revelation 21:10-11 “And he carried me away in the Spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God, having the glory of God. Her light was like a most precious stone, like a jasper stone, clear as crystal”

The Man in the dream beckoned us to view the panorama before him not only to see the threat posed by the dragons but to see the Mountain. Some men are turning and repenting and once again looking to the Mountain that the Church forgot, although down through the ages it was triumphantly detailed by the prophets who knew, without question, that this day would most certainly come. And it has come. Man is come to the precipice of emptiness, the brink of human disaster. Though others frantically work to rebuild the broken ideologies of mere mortals, shouting with more desperate words and hollow promises, there are some whose ears will no longer be tickled. Some will no longer respond to the empty words of hopeless and heartless men or be intimidated by the ruthless hatred of evil forces now unleashed on the earth.

Isaiah 11:9 “They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain, for the earth
shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea”

The Man at the end of the dream is imploring us to look and study the surrounding situation of our nation, the world, and the times we are living in. To look and behold the mountains before us that we must climb. The way out is up so we must climb above the natural realm and take our place in the heavenly realm. That is where our authority over powers and principalities is administered.

Psalms. 50:5 “Enter the true kings and priests of the Mountain of the House of the Lord,
those who have made a covenant with the King by sacrifice—their own sacrifice”

The staffs that the Man left are used for “BRACING” when hiking and climbing on rough terrain. The supply bag, is essential for the infantry soldier, as it carries all his clothing, gear, food, medicine and supplies needed for his personal survival. The Man carefully warned us that we must have spiritual discernment, spiritual strength, spiritual and natural endurance, patience, and all the other fruits of the spirit of GOD operating in our life, in order to survive in the days ahead. Our lamps must be full of the oil of ongoing communion with the Lord, so that we may see our way forward in the night of circumstance that is upon us.

Psalm 23:4Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: for thou art with me;
thy rod and thy staff they comfort me”