Dream… I saw a globe that was sitting on a stand, and it was perfectly still and motionless. As I watched intently, it just began spinning on its own without being touched. It spun slowly at first so that I could see every detail of each country. Then it started to accelerate until the countries became a blur and the globe began to wobble on its base.

The scene shifts to a running track that appeared to be miles in length and extended beyond the horizon. There were two male runners who appeared on the track. Between the two runners there was a large wall probably three stories high, so it prevented them from seeing each other. They each had a spear whose tip was a sharp piece of metal, shaped like an arrow that burned very brightly. The fire stretched from the tip of each spear almost like a torch yet there was nothing that appeared to fuel these undying flames.

One of the runners was wearing a multi-colored outfit like you would see in the Olympics and he was stretching and rocking from side to side as if he was preparing to run. The runner on the other side of the wall was wearing a mostly white outfit but he was not preparing to race or moving at all. He just remained motionless, standing in place, and appeared to be barely breathing. He looked almost as if he were a mannequin.

My gaze shifted to the top of the wall that divided the runners where a man appeared. He was dressed strangely. He wore a very expensive suit jacket, but underneath he was wearing runner shorts as well as running shoes. In his hand was a starters pistol. He looked down toward the runner in white who had remained still and said to him, “You must pace yourself and win” and at this the runner in white simply nodded and in a defiant motion cracked his neck as if he was supremely confident that he would prevail. The runner in the multicolored outfit was not addressed at all.

Then the man on the wall raised his voice and shouted, “To your mark!”. At that exact moment the runner wearing the multi-colored outfit took a running start much like a javelin thrower in the Olympics would do and launched his flaming spear high up into the atmosphere. He then took his place at the starting line in the runner’s blocks. The motionless man moved into position but did not get down to the block but seemed ready to do a standing start. The runner in white leaned down and tapped the end of his spear on the ground and then he spit on the flame, and it leap out as if it were a flame thrower. The flames were so intense that they actually caught the man’s hair on fire, yet he remained unharmed as his hair burned but was not consumed. The starter on the wall yelled “Ready!” then he fired the pistol, and the two men took off. The multi-colored man ran quickly with great determination. The fiery headed man in white just took off at a jog. As they continued down the track neither man could see the other because of the high wall that rose was between them.

Then I saw a bright crimson red calendar with crisp white letters that had a thick black outline on the letters, so they stood out as if they were drop shadowed. I saw the month of May that appeared at the top of this long calendar scroll. Two hands held the scroll at the top and were unrolling it slowly. The scroll was covered in blood and these bloody hands were rolling it out and down and I saw June, July, August and September which was the last month that was visible as the end of the scroll was touching the ground.

Then the scene changed to a map of Europe, Russia and China. It continued down to the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Israel was seemingly over-emphasized on this map. I saw leaders in Russia, China, Israel, and Western Europe. These were modern day current leaders, and they each had these high-powered binoculars, and they were peering through them watching the United States intently. As they did they were telling individuals to write down the things that they were seeing. As they looked on they were getting excited and pumping their fists in the air and patting each other on the backs. They were also waving their nation’s flags feverishly.

I saw top military leadership in the rooms and the world leaders were whispering in their ears. The world leaders would also get on their phones and whisper to one another as well. I could then see blood dripping down onto the counter from the hands of those leaders that were holding the phones.

I saw fires all over America and I saw cities on lock-down. I saw flags that were half-mast, and they began to fade into smoke and there were many American military groups on the ground directing traffic and keeping a close watch on the streets.

The scene shifts and I see the colorful runner sprinting all the while his hand was on the wall, just brushing it so as not to interfere with his pace. As he ran, he was shouting: “Wake up. Wake them up! Everybody wake up!”. All during this time his head was up and he kept his eye on the spear he’d thrown that was high above him. He was following the spears course.

The runner in white now appeared a dingy gray as his entire outfit had faded so that the white was completely gone from his cloths. His hand was also on the wall, but it was leaving a trail of fire that followed him as he ran.

The colorful runner was weary, was sweating profusely and appeared several times almost to stumble and fall but each time he recovered, and kept going. He was breathing with great difficulty. He appeared to be very tired.

The jogging runner was smirking and taking his time and had now become fully engulfed in fire and was spreading it as he ran. His gray jersey was now just a flaming red as he appeared to be engulfed in flames. He suddenly started running as fast as he possibly could and was making up distance. From my view atop the wall, He was rapidly catching up to the colorful runner.

The colorful runner kept his eye on the spear that he had thrown, it was still in the air and it was heading towards a building that was filled with people who were on their knees and were praying very loudly.

Both runners kept moving with the one continuing to spill and spread fire all the way along that wall, it left a
large trail of fire behind him, everything he touched caught on fire. The other runner continued screaming as loud as he could: “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!”

I then saw American generals in a facility. It was obviously underground and isolated and protected from everything above. I saw many phone calls were coming in on old style rotary phones that had the curly cords. The generals answered them and would then relay to others in the room information that became position numbers on a very large map of both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. It was frantic in that room. People were obviously in a state of panic running back and forth very quickly to update the maps.

I could then see world leaders in Europe, Russia and Israel. These were modern day leaders that were talking to each other with great passion and great concern was on their faces. As I stared at their faces they were weighted with emotion that revealed the gravity of the situation as the fate of nations seem to hang in the balance. Then this word was spoken: “It might be our time”. It kept being spoken by the leaders as they watched the fires burning over America.

Then the spear thrown by the multicolored runner hit the building it was aiming for, and it exploded into a bright light that cascaded over the entire country. It was like liquid fire that looked like a napalm storm if you have ever seen the videos of the Vietnam war. This liquid fire filled the atmosphere of the United States as the fire from the impact of that building spread This fire was strange. It was actually putting out some of the fires in the United States. It lessened some others but on some fires, it had no impact at all.

Then I saw that the explosion at the building had actually thrown people all over the place. The people who were praying in that building were now just thrown up in the air and landed in different areas of the nation. These people that were thrown up into the sky had fire extinguishers and brooms in their hands. As they landed they were putting out the fires. As they walked they were also patting down some of those fires with the brooms. They were screaming just like the colorful running man. They were yelling at the top of their lungs: “Wake up! Stay awake! there’s not much time! Wake up! Stay awake! There’s not much time!” they kept repeating that “Wake up! Stay awake! There’s not much time!”. And then the colorful runner stopped running and just sat down. He leaned against the wall that separated him from the other runner and took a deep breath. The finish line was in sight just off in the distance. On the other side of the finish line was the man dressed in pure white that I see often in my dreams. He came and helped the man in the multicolored outfit to his feet. The fiery runner was laying just short of the finish line too and was smoking like a burnt building. He was not moving and was not breathing. The man in pure white that was helping the other runner toward the finish line stopped and pointed at me and he said:

“Warn them there is not much time left and it will never be easy again.
If you’re not braced now, you won’t make it.
If you’re not rooted you will be pulled up and pulled out.
The fire will never go out.
Look for Me and endure till I come.
If you’re not braced now, you won’t make it.
If you’re Not rooted you will be pulled up and pulled out.
The fire will never go out.
Look for Me and endure till I

One more thing that’s different about this dream is after the man speaks to me, the dream ends, or so I think. But then on the following Monday I received an additional final piece that was added to dream.

I was taken to a scene where I then saw every one of those International Leaders and American Generals. Each held the phone in their hands. Then all of them put down their phones at the very same time. Then all at once, in unison they said, “It’s time, it’s time”. At that moment every single one of the leaders and the military all sat down at their desks and they put their heads in their hands and they all began to weep bitterly.