Dream… I was standing in front of a hospital. There were severe storms all around me. I saw lots of people rushing into the hospital with bags and luggage as if it were a hotel to be checked into.

An ambulance backed up to the front door and people began jumping out. I could see that some had their arms full of bagged groceries, but one man had nothing but an old brown grocery bag like you would have seen in the 70’s. It was full of day-old bread and there were words on the bag that said, “Day-old bread”.

The pace of people running was quickened by the lightning that seemed to intensify. Some bolts of lightning had fire in them. The fire would go down the length of the bolt to the end and hit the earth. As it did it would spread out and then the flame would go out. As soon as the fire jumped off the lightning bolt would seem to recoil. This was not a normal flash of lightning. It took several seconds to hit the ground and it was fiery orange in color.

All the people began to run because the storms were hovering near the hospital but there was no rain yet. The man with the bread yelled at me to get inside where it was safe and that he had enough bread for everybody.

I then found myself walking into the building with people who were rushing and bumping up against me almost knocking me down. They were in such a hurry that when they went into the doors, they were dropping their keys as they were trying to get their keys out, but in fear and panic they would drop them as they rushed toward the door.

They’re running as if their life depended on it. There was a panic written on every face that I saw. There were several doors open and some people were asking what was going on, but nobody who was rushing through the doors responded.

Now I ascended the only staircase that was to my right, and headed up a very darkly lit and eerie, almost surreal, staircase. I next realized I was standing in an open door of a hospital room. There was a large window to the outside and through the window I could see looming storm clouds and what seemed like that fire lightning I had seen earlier. It was just incredibly thick lightning, and it was flashing for several seconds, It looked like fire was actually coming down from heaven and hitting the ground with great force. The thunderous echoes would shake the building and cause screams to be heard.

In front of me sitting on the bed was a woman with her face in her hands. I recognized her as that emaciated woman who was told to heal before she got up from a previous dream. She was praying and sobbing uncontrollably. The burden of her prayers dealt with how lost the church was and how people were not listening and observing the things that were happening around them. She wanted them to prepare to meet Jesus but knew that many were not ready. As she was praying and sobbing, she got up and looked out the window and she became afraid. There was fear etched on her face at what she saw, and she slumped over and sat on the floor and began to shake. As she continued to shake, almost in unison the thunder shook the building so much so that even the floor in the building began to move. She said: “Lord I need to get out of here”. And suddenly that man that I see so often in my dreams appeared right next to the window, right beside her and he said:

I need you to work” so she said: “Lord, I need to get out of here” and he again said: “I need you to work” and she kept her head down and she said: “But things are crumbling around me” and the man bent down and put her face in his hands and he said: “I will go through the fire with you but you must work now” and the emphasis is on the word Now, “You must work, Now” he repeated it to her and he put his hands on her head and oil spilled over her. She said: “Lord, how can I do this?” and he said: “I have anointed you and I will lead you and I will guard you”.

As I was standing in the door, like an invisible observer, I noticed that smoke was coming up between my legs and up around me into the hospital room and the man spoke and he said: “Get out while you can and take who you can with you”. He then repeated it to her he helped her get up, and then he disappeared right in front of her.

She went to the door; she covered her mouth with her sleeve and the entire hallway was engulfed in flames and smoke. There was a sign on the wall that said fifth floor. As she moved down the hallway there were doors that she began to beat on. She was yelling for people to get out, get out, get out! Most of those doors stayed shut, but I could hear the people inside yell at her to leave them alone.

One door opened and the people inside the room screamed at her to leave them alone and said she had better stay put for her own good and the guy said trust in man and stay as he slammed the room door shut.

The woman walked down the stairs to the fourth floor and again began beating on doors begging people to follow her out. Parts of the ceiling were falling around her and some of it was on fire. Some pieces actually struck her and caught a bit of her hair on fire. She had to stop and pat her hair out. A few of the doors opened as she banged on them, and a few people hesitantly came out. They were covering their heads and they were coughing due to all the smoke.

The woman told them to beat on the other doors and snatch people out if need be. Her exact words were: “Knock on these doors, beat on these doors, get these people’s attention and snatch them out”. So, they knocked on the doors, but very few people responded.

The group that had come out into the hallway with her was now six people. They went down the stairs to the third and second floors. By the time they got to the first floor, there was a group of about 45 to 50, I did not get an exact count, but it looked like about 45 to 50 people, and each were covered in soot, their clothes were torn from falls and trying to jump over the debris that was burning in the hallway corridors.

The building was collapsing and there was a lot of debris in the way that had to be moved or climbed over for the group to advance. They were sweating as they started moving at a frantic pace, I mean, they were running as fast as they could beating on doors and begging people to come out of their rooms and to leave the building. They kept yelling “It’s unsafe, it’s unsafe! Please get out, get out, get out”.

There were still a few coming out in the hall heading for the main exit. Just then the building got hit by lightning and it shook like a bomb had detonated. There was this glow of lightning, that lit up the corridor. Steel beams fell on some of the group and some people’s clothing caught on fire. Those that were trapped had to be freed the debris and then carried towards the door.

It took people to lift the debris up and then others to carry them and help drag them on their shoulders to the door. Amazingly they were beating doors and crying out to others as they did this. They just kept yelling for those that were still in the rooms. Those people who had been hurt by the still beams were also yelling and screaming: “Come out! Come out! Come and escape with us! Come and escape with us!”.

And the building shook again, and the praying woman cried for them all to Get out while they could. They ran to the glass doors, they poured out and down the steps until they hit ground level. They went out in front to an area like an open courtyard looking back at the hospital building.

The group was now wounded, dirty and exhausted. The clouds looked ominous like they were going to release evil on the people. The clouds seemed alive, and it was almost like the clouds had a demonic persona as they just sneered at the group that was outside seeking safety.

At that moment they all turned, and they looked at the building as it began to shake from the top down, the ground under us was not moving as in an earthquake, it was just the building like that was shaking. As I looked up, I could see through the windows at the people inside the rooms. You could see, some people were just reading quietly, watching TV as the smoke was filling their rooms. They seemed completely unaware of what was happening. They were literally oblivious to the danger, they seemed to have no fear because they were not even aware of what was happening.

The building was shaking as never before and everyone inside began beating on the windows. They were screaming for the group outside to come back inside and help get them to get out, but the group didn’t move.

The entire group led by the lady just began to weep and sob and cry over the people who had remained inside beating on those windows and not coming out. My focus shifted to the front door where amazingly seven more people – adults and teens – came out of the door and hugged those who had gotten their attention. These were folks that had heard the beating on their door but just had not come out until it was almost to late. As they emerged from the building, the entire group embraced. This big group of about 50 to 60 people. The group formed a circle as they all leaned inside looking at each other and they hugged each other with an unbreakable embrace.

Then there was this extremely loud thunderclap that pierced the air. It was like my ears almost wanted to pop it was that loud. The hospital collapsed. It was just like that day when I watched the twin towers come down. When the dust settled the group of 60 people was gone, not injured, not wounded just gone and standing where they stood had been was the man I always see in my dreams and he said:

The settling sun is soon
and the work this side for the bride will end,
go into the highways and the byways quickly!
Knock on every door for I am coming soon.