The dream begins with me in a doctor’s office at the local clinic here in my hometown. I was sitting on an examination table. I was waiting to receive my diagnosis and prognosis. I was informed that I had pneumonia and given more information about the stages of progression and the timeline for treatment and recovery.

The doctor then informed me that a specialist would be in to see me in a few moments. I was told that I should simply watch the medical information streaming across this TV that was hanging on the wall in the examination room.

The room begins to darken, and I feel myself leave my body and I find that I am standing at the door and looking back at my body sitting on the examination table watching the TV screen.

The screen had information scrolling across the bottom with phrases like “Avoid the Unvaccinated”, “These people are Dangerous”, “Please inform authorities of All Sightings”. The focus of all this information was about people who had not complied with the government mandates.

Then the scene on the TV screen changes and shows a group of eight people that were running along a ditch line near a unharvested field of corn. They each had backpacks and they had several large earth brown tarps like what you would use to cover something on the back of a truck or trailer.

The sun was beginning to set. As they moved along the edge of the corn field two members of the group took point and were functioning as advance scouts to warn the rest of the group about any approaching threats.

They were watching the road ahead for lights, or any type of search activity. When lights would appear on the horizon of the road, they would warn the group and everyone would quickly jump across the ditch and take cover by hiding in the corn field.

They would go about 30 feet deep into the field and then they would take the earth brown tarps and cover themselves so that they could not be spotted by the search lights from approaching vehicles.

As search parties would approach, they would stop and turn off their vehicles to not only look but listen. All the group was very disciplined and laid very still and quiet almost flat on the ground. Not even the slightest noise was made until the search vehicles had cranked up and moved well past them beyond the horizon. The level of coordination among the group was amazing. The group had adults, kids and even larger dogs like German shepherds that seemed to function as guard dogs that could protect as well warn of approaching unknown threats.

As each threat passed the group would emerge from the field. They ran straight ahead until they came to a T in the road. Here there was a railroad track that ran perpendicular to the road they were on. The railroad track was up on a slight embankment. The point team of advance scouts used their flashlights to signal the group to cross the road quickly. Once they all crossed the railroad track, they got into the ditch on the other side.

Next to the ditch was a home with an attached garage. Just then a light began to appear and flash in the window of the garage which was about 50 feet from the tracks.

By this time, it was pitch dark outside. The group was crawling on the ground very slowly. The scouts were encouraging them to pick up the pace; “come on, faster, lets move it” but they kept moving methodically across the ground. Finally they reached the garage and crawled through the open window. Once all of them were safely inside the window was shut and the light was turned off. At that exact moment helicopters appeared in the air with searchlights. They were spotlighting the road, the ditch and the area that intersected with the railroad tracks near the garage.

Then the scene on the TV screen changed to an EMS alert. The blaring alert sound finally stopped, and a reporter came on and indicated that martial law had just been declared. She stated that anyone caught outside after the curfew of 7 pm would be arrested and taken to their local CAB.

“CAB” stood for “Covid Authority Bureau”. The CAB is where you would be taken if you are caught outside and arrested. The processing and fines could cost you up to ten thousand dollars.

The reporter kept emphasizing “if you see something, say something and safeguard your community from these dangerous assailants by doing your part”. She called for unity and said, “Do your country proud and turn them in”. There was clearly still a division in the nation between those who complied and those who refused.

The next scene on the monitor showed people being hog tied and thrown into the back of cattle trucks. As they were taken off you could hear people yelling and screaming. There were family members who were left behind as others were taken into custody and thrown into the cattle trucks. The people who were putting them into the trucks were very well armed with “Semi-Automatic Shotguns”. In addition they were carrying “Electric Cattle Prods” and they were using them on these people. It was a horrific situation. They were being taken somewhere.

The scene again changes and the cattle trucks arrive at what looked on the outside like a medical building. The best way I can describe the inside is it looked like Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. As I gazed around the room, I saw electricity and flashes of light. There were lasers and complex medical equipment everywhere. Monitors with screens of data and vials of liquid with labels in trays.

There was one very large glass container about the size of a hot tub. It was clear and transparent. I could see through all sides of it. It was filled with what appeared to be a blood like substance. Around it were focused lights and the lasers. You could hear the electricity buzzing and it seemed to be causing the bloodlike substance to boil. During this process it stayed bright red and thick.

In this lab there were four people strapped to beds. They were held down by their necks, their chest, their hips, their feet and their hands so they could not move. These people who were strapped down had no fear on their faces, they weren’t shaking but they were obviously sick. Their bodies were swollen and inflamed and all four of them looked like they were in the process of dying, they all looked near death.

One of the lab personnel dipped a large pitcher into the vat of that blood like substance and poured it into four smaller vials. The person was careful to wipe off the bottom of those four vials.

One lab assistant for each of the four people came forward and grabbed one of the smaller vials. Three of the four assistants poured a few drops on the foreheads of the first three patients. The fourth assistant waited and observed the other three patient’s reactions.

Each person started moving and moaning a bit and then they were asked how they felt. The first person was an older lady and she said she felt the pain leaving her hip and she began to laugh like she was joyful and then suddenly she started convulsing like someone having a seizure and she began screaming and all at once she died. The heart monitor that was attached to her stopped beeping and there was just this single dull unending tone. The lab assistant didn’t seem to care, he just began to make notes on a chart,

The next patient was a very young man. He was shaking and seemed nervous as the questions were asked about how he was feeling as they had the blood put on his forehead. He said he was feeling heat in his chest and his mind suddenly snapped. It was just like he was having a stroke. Even though his spirit seemed strong the situation got bad very quickly and he stopped moving. The assistant took more notes and then with no reaction, emotion or comment simply brought the sheet up over his face.

The third man was also young. As I looked, he was making involuntary muscle movements that were so violent that they were shaking the bed. As with the other young man he too was having a seizure, but it was far more intense. The seizures would come in waves and then subside. He would go in and out of consciousness. He wasn’t dying, but he was in trouble and the assistant suggested they take him to a secondary observation room as they seem to have had some success with this one.

The fourth person was a lady in her late 20s early 30s. They had saved her for last and not treated her yet. She begged them not to do anything to her. She pleaded “don’t put the blood on me don’t do anything”. As she continued to beg, the lab assistant pulled out a syringe from inside his jacket and immediately took the cap off and injected this into her arm.

He stood over her with a stone face and watched as she strokes out and dies. As I looked at the lab assistant face there was no remorse, no concern, no nothing. It was hard to watch. As he makes notes, the screen fades to black.

Now the scene shifts back to the beginning and I’m in the clinic sitting on the exam table. Just then the door opened. and the Man that I see so often in my dreams walked in and I said to Him: “I take that you’re the specialist” and He said:

You’re right, and I will explain what you have seen if you would
like to understand”

and I said emphatically “Please, please, please explain what I’m seeing”.

He said:

You are seeing the present future and the coming conservative purge, the Antichrist-spirit is here and yet they begin to make the purchase to deceive the world with healing blood that will mock the blood of Christ, this blood is not as My blood and will never heal or forgive or restore, but they have to appear as it has power even if it’s empty, yet many will claim and empty their will to declare its worthless value. You can never not be braced anymore, and every believer is about to have their bracing revealed and their foundation uncovered

and then He said this:

As a specialist I want you to take salve for your eyes to stop
coating your life with wine and stay fully sober

He then touched my forehead. As far as I remember in all the dreams that
Man has never touched me but He touched my forehead. I could see from
outside of myself that there was an ashen mark on my head with a fingerprint on
it. The index fingerprint of the Specialist was right in the middle of my
head almost like in the Catholic church where they take the ashes. Then He
reached into his left jacket pocket and with His right hand took out a small white
cloth and wiped it off and He said:

I am marking those who are mine and I will walk beside them in the fire even though some of you here in this country will meet Me soon on the other side

He grabbed my hand and He squeezed until I could feel goodness and virtue coming into my body. I could feel something going from Him into me. I always wondered what it was like when the woman with the issue of blood touched the hem of His garment.

Then He said:

Be faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life

Then the room faded to black and I woke up, shaking and sobbing.