The Holy Ghost will paint the most beautiful picture of Jesus on the canvas of your heart. Every brush stroke will reveal both the calling and the enabling on your life. As you are rightly related to the Lords needs you will find that you are uniquely equipped to meet the needs of those to whom you minister. Everything that is required of you is accomplished by Him in you. All the opposition that you face has but one aim, that is to rob you of His presence, for it is His presence alone that accomplishes His higher purpose for your life. You get to choose each day to be a “soul man” or a “spirit man”. You will find yourself in the very center of Gods will when God has become the center of your being (spirit man). When you yield and allow the dealings of God to break down the walls of resistance that hinder the spirit, you will discover that God has become enthroned in the center of your being (heart). The posture of one who receives His life is at His feet. The one who loves much has come to know the depths of His forgiveness. You can’t give what you don’t have. This new start begins with a new heart. He can only do through you what He has been able to accomplish in you. An agreement must take place before you can walk “this way” with the Lord. The further you walk with the Lord, the costlier it becomes. You reach a point where the luxury of self-expression becomes very expensive.

Luke 7:47 “… But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little.”