John 15:11 “I have spoken these things to you to the end that My joy would (or can, or should) remain and continuously exist within the midst of you people, and that your joy may be filled full (or fulfilled)”

You may have wondered what the “secret” of continuous Joy is. Well sometimes the Lord shows you the “opposite” of something as a starting point to birth a hunger in you for what He has available. So to that end, after many classes in “spirit school”, if you ask me what the “secret” of misery is I can tell you without hesitation, it is to be “occupied with yourself” so now if you ask what the secret of joy is, it is to be “occupied with the Lord”. The process of being emptied of self is more about “capacity”. It relates to the day of outpouring when the Lord will pour out His spirit. If you feel you are running on fumes and your “self-tank” is almost empty, then the Lord has you right where He wants you, so on that day when he pours and pours there won’t be any wasted, spilled or runoff. You will be “filled full” and experience a fullness of joy as His higher purpose is fulfilled.