Thank You Father God for what you are doing in us as the life of Your Son is formed in the earth. Lord we ask that you turn the rudder of our hearts so that our sails might be full of the wind of the Holy Spirit. Move us Lord out of our “comfort zone” into a “new place” in You.

When the Lord shows you this “new place” in Him then its time to move out of your established patterns into “uncharted territory”. Once we are shown this “new direction” then a series of steps takes place where we are “released” from the familiar ways into the “greater grace” of a new dimension. The life that has been deposited within is always compelling us to think outside of and beyond our present borders. The place of maturity that the Lord is bringing us into is where the revelation of this “new thing” that is “on us” will be established “in us”. When we fail to move, then we become vulnerable to the circumstances around us. We loose touch with who we are called to be and become disillusioned. The place we are at that had been so cozy becomes uncomfortable as “the Comforter” prompts us to “let go” and take steps of trust as He walks beside us and guides us into this beautiful new place of sustained spiritual reality that effects the people, places and events in our life for His glory. It is not only a peace in the storm but ultimately a sovereignty over the storm that is our destiny.

Mark 4:39 “Jesus stood up and commanded the wind and the waves to stop. He said, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind stopped, and the lake became calm”