If you decide to follow the Lord and want to receive your “masters in faith” degree, then your class load in spirit school will be most demanding. When you first begin (gifts and callings class) it all seems too good to be true. The divine deposit seems to flow and function effortlessly (without repentance). The blessing and provision class is equally amazing as you learn to trust Him for everything. Each of these classes lasts for a few semesters (seasons). Then one day two other classes are added to your already full load. They are “the cross class” and “the deny yourself class”.

Mark 8:34 “And when Jesus had called the people to him with his disciples also, he said to them, whoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me”

The “cross class” and “deny yourself” class are prerequisites to the “Lordship class”. Without the first two classes the Lord can’t extend His sovereignty to every area of your life. There are many “field trips” where you find yourself in “perfect storms” of circumstance that reveal the working out of your full salvation that remains to be done. There are many “drop outs” at this stage. The only way to continue your studies is to “deny yourself”. At this point you’re “qualified” (tested and proven) and are presented with the option of a “dual degree” by adding the “Kingdom Class”. This class is by invitation only for those whom the Lord has come to trust with the Authority of Sonship to wage war in the spirit. Its foundation is the intimacy of the “Bride Class” where two become one. There is “still time” to enroll but time is short and open enrollment is about to end.