Do you feel left out? The Lord never leaves you out to leave you out. He leaves you out to bring you in. The heart adjustments that take place while you are on the outside looking in are the ones that are most valuable for, they are laying a sure foundation. There will come a moment that He withholds nothing because you have learned to trust Him, and He has come to know you and trust you as a son or daughter. We learn faith when we don’t see it and even in suffering we still believe it.

Lord if you say “its wrong” then I’ll say “no”
If You say “release”, then I’m “letting go”
If You’re “in it with me”, I’ll “begin”
When You say to “jump”, I’m “diving in”
If You say, “be still”, then “I will wait”
If You say to “trust”, then I will “obey”
I don’t want to follow “my own ways”
I’m done “chasing feelings”
I know “the Way”
Holy Spirit lead me.