It’s time to view the Kingdom of God in High Definition. To get this higher resolution will require some things to be redefined. To define you in this level of detail, the Lord must refine you as there are yet impurities that must be brought to the surface by tremendous heat and pressure. Our strength is derived from the joy of our identity with Christ. If we do not know who we are, we will always be asking for help. Once we begin to understand who we are in Christ, we need to allow it to come forth in our conversations with each other as a good confession. The battles we face are won from the inside as Spiritual Reality that is born out of relationship. It conquers fear. To receive the Kingdom signal in HD, you will be redefined by the quality of the opposition that you face. The higher the resolution, the greater the opposition. If the enemy puts up a giant against you, then the Holy Spirit will witness to something amazing, “Do you see the giant? When you are “tested and proven” you will become his size, “super-sized” so that the Kingdom of God and the glory of the Father can be seen by the world on the “Big Screen” that has become your life. Giants are the door to a whole new you in “HD”.