Many in the body of Christ are struggling with their purpose and how they should respond to all that we currently face as a nation. While we slept as a church, tiny acts of injustice that were not confronted in the realm of the spirit by the unity of the saints became the waves of tyranny that we are now experiencing. One failed attempt after another to unite the Lord’s people around doctrine or denomination has brought us to a place of spiritual impotence that has allowed our nation to be overrun by pure evil. Having lost our streets, our schools and our governments while we were “on retreat” in our virtual caves. I do not dismiss the value of a virtual ministry, but it was only meant to be a small part of what we do and how we relate. Many believers have been left to languish in this virtual wasteland because there was no longer a functioning Spirit Filled Church operating in the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit in their locality. Many are looking to Facebook for what can only be provided “Face to Face”. Many have retreated to the virtual realm but it is a poor substitute for what God has planned. To surrender your street or your community and no longer meet house to house and face to face is the definition of division and defeat. I suppose the greatest appeal of this platform is the pride of this temporary life but the message of the Gospel is far different, If you love your life you will lose it. The face to face anointing is very different than the virtual in both expression and intensity. Where two or three are gathered physically is more powerful that 2 or 3 thousand gathered on Facebook. I believe that the Holy Spirit would honor it if we would reimagine our lives as believers not in a virtual way but in a tangible way that feeds and supplies each other with His life. The path to retake all the ground that has been lost to the enemy starts in our homes and moves down our streets and meets house to house, face to face. Find one and then the two will find more. This was the life and pattern of the early church and limited the size of the groups so that everyone could be a part, feel a part and take part.