Everyone has a story to tell and no two are alike. There are many twists and turns that have shaped who our parents were and who we are in the natural realm. The greatest story that will ever be told is your story, your journey of discovering the things of the Spirit. Along the way there was every reason not to believe yet something beyond reason drives us toward a greater unseen reality.

If the scriptures told us stories only of people who made “all the right moves” and came from good backgrounds that had never missed God then they would have no relation to our lives and we would be discouraged and have little hope. But God had another plan. His word talks about life as it really is, painful, petty, messy, full of contradictions, strained relationships and dysfunctional families yet weaving its way through the bible is a thread of redemption that is destined to become part of the pattern of each of our lives.

Find yourself in His word. See yourself in the lives of each person in His word. He will reveal to you the pattern of your life through the choices that you make. You already know how the world sees you, now it’s time to invite the Holy Spirit to show you the plans God has for you. He dreams you know, sometimes through you. He dreams of so much more than the world plans to offer you. He has a dream come true waiting for you. Love will find a way to touch the deepest wound and bring healing and deliverance. Love was born in a manger and destined for a cross but the story did not end there, HES ALIVE !!! HE IS RISEN!!! HE ABIDES IN YOU!!! Redemption has a story to tell, it’s the story of how in union with Him you overcame the world.

John 16:33“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world”