In “computer terms” when you are born again from above, God installs a new drive in you that is specially designed to run the “JOS” (Jesus Operating System). The JOS won’t run on the old hard drive. If you attempt to do it, you will constantly get a “religious error” as it conflicts with your new SSD (Spirit State Drive). God’s intent is to essentially reverse engineer you by replacing your old “soul drive” with a new “Spirit Drive”. The CPP (Cross Partition Program) will wipe and reformat your “old heart drive” so that it functions as a “server” and takes direction and is used by the Spirit Drive. The old soul drive runs off the “earth server”. The new “Spirit Drive” gets all its data from “the cloud”. The Holy Spirit is the system administrator. From time to time He will run the “AVP” (Antichrist Virus Program) to see if there is any program attempting to run in the background that is opposing the new “Jesus Operating System”. Your reformatted soul drive is the new heart of the operating system and when running properly remains in a “restful state”, “listening and waiting” for activity from the spirit drive that is getting all its direction from the “Heavenly Cloud Server”.