Stack of Stuff

Not sure what to do with all that has witnessed in my spirit of late so I will just put it

Stack of Stuff2022-01-04T07:20:15-05:00

Dr. Robert Malone

Full Text of Dr. Robert Malone Statement My name is Robert Malone and I am speaking to you as a parent, grandparent,

Dr. Robert Malone2021-12-29T11:58:08-05:00

Liberty has Fallen

It is Tuesday, September 8th. Last night on Monday the 7th of September I had a dream, that’s probably troubled me more

Liberty has Fallen2021-12-29T11:58:32-05:00

Take A Stand

Acts 20:27 “For I have kept nothing back but have declared to you the whole counsel of God” Some people don’t like

Take A Stand2021-12-29T11:59:10-05:00

Defining Moments

When we lift up the Lord before the world and acknowledge Him with our words and actions, these are acts of

Defining Moments2021-12-21T15:25:55-05:00

Consent For Kids

Can you imagine your horror as your child comes home from school one day and says mom they gave me a shot

Consent For Kids2021-12-21T15:26:11-05:00

The Carnival

Suddenly before me was a scene like a state fair or a huge carnival. Lights were glaring and flashing; the music was

The Carnival2021-12-21T13:21:38-05:00
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