Can you imagine your horror as your child comes home from school one day and says mom they gave me a shot today and you knew nothing about it before hand or even worse, your child did not or was told not to tell you and then later on if there was a reaction, you would have no clue as to the cause. . In my current assignment from the Lord I want to “Warn all Parents” in the strongest terms. You may not know that more and more states are quickly and quietly moving to bypass your right to “parental consent” and allowing your kids to “self consent”. Please join me to get the word out to parents everywhere. Here are the latest figures.

41 states require “parental consent” before children can receive “the C-19 experimental drug”

Cities in two states (San Francisco in CA and Philadelphia in PA), have moved to allow minors, ages 12 and older, to self-consent
In one state (AZ), if a parent refuses to consent, but if a child or a doctor requests it, a court order can be obtained to allow it.

In 5 states, a minor’s ability to “self-consent” is based on a specific age as follows:
Two states where a minor must be at least “16” (RI and SC)
One state where a minor must be at least “15” (OR)
One state where a minor must be at least “14” (AL)
One state where a minor must be at least “11” (DC)

The remaining 5 states apply the “mature minor doctrine”,
meaning that there is “no specific age cut-off “.
Providers have discretion to decide if a minor possesses the maturity to consent for themselves
(AR, ID, NC, TN, WA)