“Ours were the sufferings He bore, ours the sorrows He carried . . . and through His wounds we are healed’
(Isaiah 53:4-5)

He carried all the wounds and scares that I had yet to experience so that what is “carried forward” in a full redemption is a new life that originates in my spirit and brings life to my soul and healing to my body. I know that an intimate encounter with Jesus Christ by anyone, anywhere, always brings some form of healing and that its not limited by time or space. When we receive the life that He gave, the curse is broken in our family and a chain reaction of healing begins to flow through our lives and our children’s lives, toward future generations that can expect divine visitations. We become part of the “Spiritual family line”. We claim a full Salvation that is our “True Inheritance” and we decree that it shall be the portion of future generations of our household.