I was listening to some music that was unplugged, basically removing all instruments from electric amplification. What would happen if we came together “unplugged”? What if there were no microphones for the speakers or the choir? Let’s take it a few steps further. What would happen if we didn’t have the praise team, the dance group, the flag wavers, the ministry team, the children’s group? Just asking you to ponder in your heart for a moment if there was no public address system and that “still small voice” was the loudest voice in the room. What “could happen” if we came together with the expressed purpose of putting “Him” first? What if we gathered “in one place with one accord” with prepared hearts to simply wait upon the Lord and minister to Him only in “Spirit and Truth”? What if every person came together as one, with a heart of worship that was overflowing from the previous week of walking in unbroken communion and fellowship with the Lord? If such a group were gathered just to lift Him high, could He resist manifesting His presence to such a people? The Lord inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3). What if He were the center of attention and the value was placed on preparation for the meeting? Far beyond bringing a tithe but that my life had become an offering that week to be brought to the meeting and presented to the Lord. What if the heart of each person became responsible to carry and bring His presence with them each time we were gathered in small or large groups? Perhaps our programs and our technology have at times grieved His presence and we have lost something, just saying. Could a program, a person or technology hinder or become a substitute for His manifest presence? He is a Holy Spirit. Holy means to be set apart and sanctified for His higher purposes. Maybe its time in some measure to unplug ….(this is an excerpt from a developing manuscript of a new book I am writing, I am hoping to release it in 2019)