Our Lord Christ Jesus is now actively restructuring His church from its present form, into that of His original intent. He is now working mainly “underground” rather than through the visible denominational structures. Believer after believer, most of whom are still in bondage to denominationalism are witnessing their denomination’s spiritual inadequacy and ever shifting foundation. Each has been challenged to “come apart” unto a “wilderness” walk with the Lord Christ Jesus, that they may come into a place of intimacy and dependency that will allow them to grow unto “full stature” in Him in the “Holy of Holies”. Soon our Lord Christ Jesus will “unveil” this hidden work and the world will witness the life of “One”, moving in harmony in a “many membered body” around the world. The light of His word will fill the earth with truth, nothing will be hidden. His life will radiate Love by which all will know that its God. This house not made with hands won’t take on traditional forms but will challenge those “still of faith” to spontaneously follow Him into this new dimension. Are you ready for His Kingdom to come? Are you ready for His will to be done in the Earth?

Matthew 6:10 “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven”