Sometimes I see things and the Holy Spirit has taught me to interpret what I see rather than attempt to explain it. Most of the time what I hear is an intimation of the heart. It’s that old way of saying “you know that you know” that God has touched a thing and as it expands in your heart you know it’s Him. That is the heart of Prophesy, when God allows me to see what He sees in that person. So, you look at a person with natural eyes and you are seeing in a sense the fruit of what’s wrong with them, their expressions, their choice of words, even their posture lets you know they’re going through difficulties. Well, you know, you don’t talk about that, because that’s the fruit and God deals with the root not the fruit. So, you don’t speak to what you see but what you hear in your spirit. You can give that person a “Gods eye view” by saying “you know you see yourself differently right now but this is how I believe the Lord sees you.” So here is a prophetic word of encouragement and course correction for His people today,

“what’s in your hand? In one hand are the things that God wants to give you and in the other hand are earthly things that you need to choose against. You are His beloved treasure, He has given you glimpses of His glory and you have felt His spirit pour into yours. The Lord says “You asked to see me and you saw. I gave you a glimpse of me, of my love for you and the safe place I have prepared for you. You were touched by the purity and the holiness of my abiding presence”. Never come with empty hands to the altar of preparation but always bring a greater level of surrender. Earthly things and Heavenly things can’t be mixed. They are “worlds apart” and His hand will no longer allow you to be defiled by earthly things that bear no fruit. There is no comparison between what the Lord has for you and what you strive for in loving this present world. ”The vines of idolatry that you have allowed to remain are a hinderance and the source of your weariness”. The keys you were given are not for you alone but are meant to open many hearts that have become prisons. “Give yourself completely to Me, build Me a house of devotion, a “heartspace” a place where We can meet, a place of abiding and I will show you what I have planned for you”. “I AM” is here and will never leave you. Rejoice in My name, My chosen one. Be at peace and know that I have began a great work in you and We will finish it together My beloved, “Lean on Me”.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”