I am not exaggerating when I say that most Christians have gotten little further than to know that they are saved, and to be very glad that they are saved, to rejoice in being saved. Very few have answered the “Higher Calling” 

Called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28) 

We are called to so much more than the religion of a one hour meeting each week and the tithe that binds our wallets but does nothing to change our heart condition before God. He wants our life to become an offering, not 10% but 100%. Not weekly but daily. You are not meant just to be saved, to know your sins are forgiven and get to heaven. Salvation is just the beginning. Your life’s journey is to discover that dimension of spirit and step across that threshold, through that door that God has opened into a whole new world of impossible possibilities.  

1Co 2:14  “But the natural, nonspiritual man does not accept or welcome or admit into his heart the gifts and teachings and revelations of the Spirit of God, for they are folly (meaningless nonsense) to him; and he is incapable of knowing them [of progressively recognizing, understanding, and becoming better acquainted with them] because they are spiritually discerned and estimated and appreciated” 

It’s a whole new world, a brand-new place that we were born to know that I am trying to tell you about. I am attempting to give expression to that inner life that is actually our real life and will be our expression throughout eternity. It is foolishness to the world because it only relates to the visible, physical realm of the natural senses and the wants and needs of the soul. 

Matthew 6:32-34 “For that is what the unbelievers chase after. Doesn’t your heavenly Father already know the things your bodies require? “So above all, constantly chase after the realm of God’s kingdom and the righteousness that proceeds from him. Then all these less important things will be given to you abundantly. Refuse to worry about tomorrow, but deal with each challenge that comes your way, one day at a time” 

By divine intent the fruit of seeking this new level of relationship is that all the things you need in the natural will be provided. Break through to the other side. There lies before you two paths, one is His Higher purpose, a path less traveled, full of eternal possibilities. The other path is far beneath your calling…”