I have been caring for a family member who has stage 4 cancer the last 6 weeks. The Lord impressed upon me that we should “set aside” a time each day for devotions. It has become the most beautiful one on one spiritual experience that I have every had. Our time each morning begins with “sharing and caring” for the whole person, spirit, soul and body. As we take time to acknowledge all three dimensions of our being (in that order) the presence of the Lord fills the room. There is a unique foundational theme that the Holy Spirit seems to emphasize each day. Our focus one day was that we were created to last forever. That we were made by God, for God. That our life is a journey of choice where the level of our relationship with Him in eternity is determined. On this day the focus was on our choice to forgive. I told him that the Holy Spirit with our permission and invitation would put His finger on anything in us that was not compatible with eternity so that we could be released from it during our life time, before we are released from our body (temporary housing) into His presence. The next day he told me that he had a dream that a person from his past had a lien on his house. As he recounted the dream that seemed so real to him, I shared that it was Gods way of speaking to him. That it wasn’t the natural house but the spiritual house that she was a “lien holder” on. He began to share how she had wounded him and his family in the past with her words and actions and tears began to flow from his eyes. I told him that God had seen this in his heart and brought it to the surface so that he could release it through forgiveness so that he would be released from the lien that she held. I shared with him that our heart is our permanent title to the house that God is building and that it must be free of any judgements and liens so that we may hold “clear title” to the spiritual house that He is building for us. As the light of eternity shined on his heart, love poured through him and with many tears he forgave and was set free.

John 14:2 “In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you”