Matthew 25: 1-4 “At the time my coming draws near, heaven’s kingdom realm can be compared to ten maidens who took their oil lamps and went outside to meet the bridegroom and his bride. Five of them were foolish and ill-prepared, for they took no extra oil for their lamps. Five of them were wise and sensible, for they took flasks of olive oil with their lamps”

The Lord teaches us many things through our natural life. I had a business event that was fast approaching, and I did not take the necessary time to fully prepare for it thinking that I could rely heavily on my past experience. Once that day arrived things began to happen much faster than I expected and I missed many opportunities to fully benefit from the event. As I looked around I realized others had prepared far better than I had for “that day”. I learned a valuable lesson as I only realized a small measure of what was actually available. It is the same in our walk with the Lord. Now is the time of preparation. There will come a day of sovereignty when the Lords endtime plans begin to unfold and there won’t be time for preparation. The oil in our lamps is ongoing communion with the Bridegroom. Our lamp must be full of oil for us to complete our journey and meet the Lord as His Bride. The oil provides the light that is necessary to give us vision during the dark night of circumstance that will come upon the earth. Preparation brings visitation. For those who chose not to prepare it will be a time of tribulation.

Matthew 25: 5-12 “When the bridegroom didn’t come when they expected, they all grew drowsy and fell asleep. Then suddenly, in the middle of the night, they were awakened by the shout ‘Get up! The bridegroom is here! Come out and have an encounter with him! So all the girls got up and trimmed their lamps. But the foolish ones were running out of oil, so they said to the five wise ones, ‘Share your oil with us, because our lamps are going out! We can’t,’ they replied. ‘We don’t have enough for all of us. You’ll have to go and buy some for yourselves! While the five girls were out buying oil, the bridegroom appeared. Those who were ready, and waiting were escorted inside with him and the wedding party to enjoy the feast. And then the door was locked. Later, the five foolish girls came running up to the door and pleaded, ‘Lord, Lord, let us come in!’ “But he called back, ‘Go away! Do I know you? I can assure you, I don’t even know you!”

All the virgins have lamps (salvation) but five of them missed the opportunity to be “Brides”. When the Lord said I don’t know you, it is far different than we think. It is a deep sadness in His heart that He called many times and waited for our response to come into a time of daily intimacy so that we could begin to “know Him” in that special relationship of one who has been “betrothed”. To prepare for our wedding day must become a “magnificent obsession” so on “that day” we can meet Him as His Bride.