I just thought I would say a few things about Gods calling on my life to write and how it began with a word from the Lord that was made real and quickened to me. …..

“The Lord said there are some things inside you that I have put there that most people don’t know about. I have taught you some things that I want you to share with the rest of the world. Everything I reveal to you must be written down in the unique way that I have shown you. How to move in the spirit, how to rightly interpret your life circumstance, how to pray in specific areas and how to hear God in the storm. All of these things have been deposited in you and they are treasures that are meant as gifts for My body. Write down everything that I show you so that it can be shared with many at the close of this age. It is the inheritance of those that know My ways that you are going to sow in the hearts of My people. It is as a pearl that you have paid a great price for and its value is anointed. It will be deposited in the good ground that I have prepared and will be the difference between life or death for those who hear what the Spirit is saying. Be faithful and obedient to come away with me as I call you each day and I will show you the things which must be. Write down all that I show you as your heart has become a fortress and a place of safe keeping for our union to flourish”