Jude 3:3 “. I felt the need to write you …, I want to encourage [exhort; urge; appeal to] you to fight hard for [earnestly contend for; defend] the faith [the authentic gospel message] that was given [handed down to; entrusted to] the holy people of God “

Many have run in zeal without knowledge and failed to navigate this earthly maze. The way out is to “look up” to the one who has the perspective to guide you. Don’t take another step, rather wait before the Lord until His tangible presence ushers in a Holy awe (fear) that will grant you a genuine heart repentance from laboring in your strength and leaning on your understanding. Your companion (the Holy Ghost) will meet you here and guide your every step. Never ahead or behind Him, but perfectly yoked will you proceed. You will pass through many narrow places with sharp turns. The one who walks beside you will tell when to stand still, when to stand down, when to bow down and when to fight in the might of the Spirit. You will walk “carefully” as if you are carrying a candle whose flame might be extinguished by any sudden move on your part. You will encounter opposition even though you have done nothing to provoke it. The fear of the Lord will release you from the fear of man and you will posses the land in the presence of your enemies. As you walk in fear and trembling before the Lord your enemies will walk in fear and trembling and make peace with you. Many levels of repentance (changing the way you think) will usher in a day of “great grace” In humility you will correct those who formally opposed you. You will be amazed as you navigate this earthly maze by divine revelation and vision. All creation anticipates the day you will finish your journey in the might of the spirit and lay claim to the Lords earth. Therefore, lift up your head and rejoice and the King of Glory shall repossess all that was lost. Your walk shall be a “walk of worship” that shall become a parade that many will join with shouts of joy that the earth is the Lords.

2 Timothy 1:6 “I’m writing to encourage you to fan into a flame and rekindle the fire of the spiritual gift God imparted to you when I laid my hands upon you”