Summaries and Excerpts from books of interest

War with Russia

“The Owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of dusk.”—Hegel War With Russia?, LIKE A BIOGRAPHY of a

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The bureaucracy, the gigantic power set into motion by dwarfs, was thus born. (La bureaucratie, pouvoir gigantesque mis en mouvement par


The Origin

The Origin of George Soros “My goal is to become the conscience of the world” —George Soros There is quite

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The quality of a revolutionary is inversely proportional to the system he fights against –The more oppressive and cruel the system, the



MISMANAGING A PANDEMIC “My friend, have you ever been in a quarantined city? Then you cannot realize what you are asking



In August 1787, THOMAS JEFFERSON AUTHORED A LETTER TO his nephew Peter Carr, who had lived with Jefferson at Monticello. At


Red Handed

The world is undergoing great changes unseen in a century, but time and momentum are on our side. This is where our

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Let it never be forgotten that on March 8, 2020, as fear of the pandemic was beginning to escalate and one


Tiananmen Square

When Chairman Mao passed away in 1976, China underwent a period of rapid reform under the new leadership of paramount leader

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Laptop From Hell

It was just before closing time on a drizzly Friday evening, April 12, 2019, when a disheveled man smelling of booze

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