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  • 4 Killed as Anti-Christian Violence Escalates
    Four Christians were killed for their faith during an attack in the West African nation of Burkina Faso. Listen as host Jenny Rose Spaudo shares how believers can be praying in the wake of this recent persecution. Read more »
  • Alabama Passes Strongest Abortion Ban in US
    Alabama passed the strongest abortion ban in the U.S. in May 2019. One pro-life activist says this legislative success has prophetic timing for the birth of her unborn daughter. Listen as host Jenny Rose Spaudo shares more about The Human Life Protection Act. Read more »
  • Beth Moore Says Women Should Be Able to Preach
    A Twitter interaction caused serious ripples throughout the body of Christ, as Bible teacher Beth Moore voiced her opinion that women should be able to preach in church—in contrast to standing policy in the Southern Baptist denomination, which launched her teaching ministry. Read more »
  • Christians Bring Life-Size Menorah to Jerusalem
    A group of German Christians brought a life-size, gold-coated menorah to Jerusalem as a peace offering to the Jewish people. Listen as Charisma News host Jenny Rose Spaudo explains why these believers were compelled to bring such a huge and special gift. Read more »
  • Delivered From Witchcraft With Heath Adamson
    Heath Adamson got involved with the occult at a very young age, and it got only worse as he entered his teen years. He experienced consistent, terrifying demonic encounters, but he couldn't seem make them stop. Yet one girl in middle school had the audacity to pray for him, and… Read more »
  • Mike Bickle Shares IHOP-Starting Prophetic Words
    The International House of Prayer, or IHOP, in Kansas City, Missouri, has been ministering through 24-7 prayer for decades. In a recent video, IHOP founder Mike Bickle shared the prophetic words that led him to start the ministry. Listen as host Taylor Berglund tells this exciting story of fulfilled modern-day prophecy. Read more »
  • Asia Bibi Leaves Pakistan for Canada
    Asia Bibi, who was imprisoned for nearly a decade in Pakistan on false charges of blasphemy, has finally been permitted to leave and be reunited with her family. Listen to learn more from host Taylor Berglund about Bibi and how you can pray for this persecuted believer in Jesus. Read more »
  • Delivered From Witchcraft With Ryan LeStrange
    Ryan LeStrange has a storehouse of wisdom from the Word of God and personal experience when it comes to witchcraft and spiritual warfare. His many encounters with witchcraft spirits have equipped him to teach others how to wage effective warfare. Listen to this episode of Charisma News with host Jenny Rose Spaudo… Read more »
  • Ex-Lesbian: God Saved Me From Drugs, Porn
    Hip Hop artist Jackie Hill Perry used to be a lesbian who abused marijuana and loved pornography. But God changed everything. Listen as host Jenny Rose Spaudo shares more of Perry's life-transforming story. Read more »
  • Rugby Player Suspended for Posting Scripture on Instagram
    Australian rugby player Israel Folau was suspended for posting Scripture on Instagram. Now the star athlete is requesting a hearing. Host Jenny Rose Spaudo explains the situation in today's Charisma News podcast. Read more »

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