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  • Pastor Nearly Commits Suicide But God Intervenes
    Pastor Ben Courson is a sought-after speaker and author, but, at one point, he came close to committing suicide. Listen as host Jenny Rose Spaudo shares how God turned his life around and gave him a story of hope and triumph.  Read more »
  • Addicted With Keith Foster
    What is an opiate? What makes your brain crave the high? Are recovery and sobriety possible? Pharmacist Keith Foster answers these questions and more in this episode with host Jessilyn Lancaster. Read more »
  • ‘Bible Tax’ Averted as Trump Postpones China Tariffs
    When President Trump threatened to place tariffs on many of China’s exported goods, the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association and key Bible publishers appealed, saying the move would increase the price of Bibles in the U.S. Listen as host Taylor Berglund reports on what happened next. Read more »
  • New City Tops ‘Post-Christian’ Cities List
    On July 5, Barna Group unveiled its 2019 ranking of the most “post-Christian” cities in America. This year, a city that wasn’t even in last year’s top 10 rose to the top. Listen to Taylor Berglund's report in this Charisma News episode to find out what city it was. Read more »
  • Addicted With Vance Day
    As a circuit court judge, Vance Day saw how opiate addictions destroyed lives. As a believer, Day had the chance to speak life into the addict if the addict was willing to listen. Now retired from the courts, Day is the COO of Promise Keepers and joins this podcast with… Read more »
  • Addicted With Gary Blackard
    Read more »
  • Facebook Bans Blaze TV Host for Issuing Call to Prayer
    Facebook recently banned a post about praying for President Trump. Blaze TV’s Graham Allen says the social media site deleted his post because they labeled it "hate speech." Find out what happened from host Jenny Rose Spaudo. Read more »
  • Christian Publishers Say China Tariffs Could Lead to Bible Tax in US
    China produces more Bibles than any other country. Christian publishers believe the tariffs President Trump recently proposed could have an impact on believers the U.S.—namely in the form of what they call a “Bible tax.” Listen to learn from host Jenny Rose Spaudo about the potential impact of these tariffs on… Read more »
  • Michael W. Smith’s Divine Evangelistic Encounter
    When Christian singer Michael W. Smith encountered a passport issue that kept him from boarding a plane to South Africa, he was pretty down. But then God used Michael's experience for something incredible. Listen as host Jenny Rose Spaudo shares about his unexpected but divine appointment. Read more »
  • Addicted With Missy Robertson
    When Missy Robertson started her jewelry company, Laminin, she thought it would turn out one way. But God had other plans. Every woman Missy has hired has dealt with addiction issues, but God is moving mightily. Listen to the podcast with host Jessilyn Lancaster to hear how God is working… Read more »

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