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  • Jarrid Wilson’s Widow Holds First Event Since Husband’s Suicide
    Juli Wilson, widow of Pastor Jarrid Wilson, is speaking at an event to raise awareness for depression and suicide. This will be the first event she is holding since her husband died by suicide in September. Stay tuned to learn from host Jenny Rose Spaudo why Juli is determined to… Read more »
  • Wisconsin Assembly Recognizes National Bible Week
    Following controversial remarks by Wisconsin's governor, the state assembly voted to recognize National Bible Week. The assembly also voted on what to call an evergreen tree outside the capitol. Listen as host Taylor Berglund explains more about the controversy. Read more »
  • Student Gatherings Lead Over 120,000 to Accept Jesus
    More than 120,000 people have professed faith in Christ or recommitted their lives to Him after college students hosted a series of prayer and Bible reading events on school football fields. Find out from host Taylor Berglund how God is drawing students to Himself. Read more »
  • FBI Says Jewish People Largely Target for Religious Hate Crimes
    Jewish people are the biggest target for religious-based hate crimes, according to newly released FBI data. Some experts find this result shocking and concerning. Find out more in this episode with host Jenny Rose Spaudo. Read more »
  • Hope for Your Marriage: A Conversation With Jeff and Beth McCord
    The Enneagram may be the new cool personality tool, but what does it have to do with your marriage? Jeff and Beth McCord unpack this "relationship GPS" with host Marti Pieper and share how, when used with a gospel focus, it can transform your mutual understanding. Read more »
  • Hobby Lobby Founder’s Granddaughter Survives Cancer Surgery
    A granddaughter of Hobby Lobby founder Steve Green is battling cancer. In fact, Michael and Lauren Green McAfee adopted the little girl less than two months before doctors discovered cancer in her liver. But now there is good news! Find out in this episode with host Jenny Rose Spaudo why… Read more »
  • Hope for Your Marriage: A Conversation With Linda Rooks
    Linda Rooks knows the pain of marital separation. But out of that pain, God gave her a ministry to couples in crisis and two books focused on marital restoration. Glean from Rooks' wisdom as she shares with host Marti Pieper tips on "Fighting for Your Marriage While Separated.'' Read more »
  • Billy Graham to Be Honored With Statue in US Capitol
    The U.S. Capitol Statuary Hall features statues commemorating some of the most important people in American history, including George Washington, Ronald Reagan, Thomas Edison and Helen Keller. Soon, a famous American evangelist will be joining their ranks. Find out more from host Taylor Berglund in this Charisma News episode. Read more »
  • Urgent Prayer Alert: Israel Hit With 200 Rockets After Killing Jihad Leader
    The nation of Israel is in urgent need of prayer. After the Israel killed a major Islamic Jihad leader, the country was hit with 200 rockets from Gaza. Listen as host Jenny Rose Spaudo reports on what happened and how you can pray. Read more »
  • Hope for Your Marriage: A Conversation With Dr. Carol Peters-Tanksley
    Most of us have moments where we feel like giving up on marriage, usually when we're not getting what we feel we should from our spouse. In this episode with host Marti Pieper, Dr. Carol Peters-Tanksley gives biblical, practical help from her professional and personal expertise. Read more »

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