Bank Failure

Last night I had a dream, it was short and to the point. I was in a store in the dream and a woman tried to use her debit card and it declined. In the dream she looked at me and asked, “why is my card declining, I have money in the bank?”

Next we are at a bank ATM, this time when she put her card in, the machine took her card and would not return it. Again, she was declined but it said “funds not available.”

Another person came up to the ATM, they put their card in and in the dream a red light laser cut the card in half, leaving only half of a cut debit card for that person.

The first woman came to me and said I will just pay with money and I saw that she had several different kinds of coins in her purse. I said to her “Do you need to spend all of that? Have you set anything aside?” She did not respond.

Then the people looked at me and asked, “what is happening?” In the dream I said “It is one of two things, either there is a glitch in the system or we are experiencing a bank failure”.

I woke up at that point and realized that when our banks fail it will be the heralding of the collapse of society as a whole. The moral compass that many function under will be lost. I also realized, that we spend recklessly and are not good stewards of the funds we have. We have not set aside for the years of famine that will surely come.

I do not know when this will happen, but most assuredly it will happen. I have had dreams that have not transpired yet and then I have had dreams in recent years that have. All is subject to God and His timing.

Personally, after this dream; I am changing a few priorities as to where funds are spent. I will lay aside for the hard times that are coming and forgo the things that do not last.

Kasey Burt




Get Excited Because I am About To Move On Your Behalf!

My dear one, I have had you in a waiting mode because you are about to receive a powerful fresh new outpouring of My Holy Spirit! Even as the disciples waited in the upper room for My Spirit to fall so you too have felt this same sense of anticipation and expectation. But I would call you this day to prepare yourself for My visitation by repenting of all sin and by forgiving everyone afresh for any offenses they have committed against you.

Do not be weary in your waiting or allow old things to creep back in and cause problems for you because I do not want you to be ashamed on this day of My visitation. I am coming to anoint you with My power and authority to go into all the world and reap this great harvest of souls! My Spirit will not delay so do not be caught unprepared or unaware, for I will indeed come very soon and My blessing, healing, and provision comes with Me!

I want you to get excited My dear one, because I am about to move mightily and do something so stupendous that it’s going to leave your mouth hanging open in amazement! This waiting period is about to end abruptly and you will be restored miraculously, supernaturally at an accelerated rate and be thrust into this last harvest full of my power and anointing! What is about to happen will be very sudden, and you will leap and dance for joy!

PS 30:11 You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,

by Lonnie Mackley




A Blue 280z (out of the blue)

I dropped out of High School in my Senior year and hit the road with a couple of hard-partying friends of mine. I had sold my beloved ’70 Camaro in order to fund the crazy adventure. We hitchhiked up I95 all the way to Bar Harbor Maine and (eventually) into Acadia National Park; a really cool albeit parentally advised-against trip.

One night, after the other guys had passed out, bored, I ventured into town by myself, all 125 pounds of me. It was well after midnight. (my thirst for adventure far-exceeded what little common sense I had at the time). While naively strolling along the main strip, and without a soul in sight, all of a sudden, a little 280z pulled alongside me, and its driver said in an urgent but tempered tone, “quick, get in!” I can’t explain it, but I somehow knew he was there for me, and that I needed to do what he was telling me to. I got in this strangers’ car in the middle of the night in a strange town. I asked him what this was about, and he replied, “look in the mirror, that guy was following you (I was clueless) and he intended to harm you.” But here’s the strangest part; he then proceeded to drive me back to the hotel where I was staying at – without my ever telling him where I was staying at. The whole episode was utterly bizarre and “Twilight Zone” – like.

~It had something to do with a praying Mother back home, is all I could come up with.



By John Castleman



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